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Cloudberry promotion–running until December 1st

I mentioned some Cloudberry products in my previous post on Cloud backups. They’re currently having a sale on Backup Server and Backup Desktop until 1st of December, so if you liked what you read in my other post you should head over and take advantage of the promotion. Tags: Cloudberry

Getting started with cloud backups

Everyone needs backups, and for a long time this has meant dealing with backup drives, tapes, software, rotations, and all those fun things. But with the ever increasing popularity and reducing costs of cloud storage and cloud services in general, the cloud is becoming a great alternative destination to tapes and drives. Recently more and more of my backups (personal and work related) have been migrated to the cloud, so I thought I’d write a little bit about the services and products that I’m using. Firstly, why the cloud? Well there are a couple of compelling reasons: ...

A quick tip when working with AWS IAM / S3

Be patient. I’m not sure if this is documented anywhere, but sometimes changes to a policy might take a minute or two to kick in. If you’re aware of this, and you’re 100% sure that what you’re doing it right then it’s fine, but when you’re not sure if your policy is correct then it can be a little frustrating to troubleshoot. On a related note, if you’re looking for a quick guide on creating a subaccount and giving it access to a single S3 bucket then this is the link for you: How to create subaccounts and...

Delegating access to a single Amazon S3 bucket

I’ve just been playing around delegating access to some Amazon S3 resources using IAM and Cloudberry explorer, and found a small but useful tip for anyone doing the same thing – don’t forget to give the user account access to s3:ListAllMyBuckets, or your testing isn’t going to go very far. I’m using Cloudberry Explorer Pro, and couldn’t see an easy way to do this using the Policy Designer (not saying it isn’t there – just that I got bored looking), so I simply edited the policy script, added the ListsAllMyBuckets action and set the resource to be arn:aws:s3:::* – the final...