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A quick random tech tip..

If you're anything like me, and you're using your FreeBSD box to run samba as well as a squid cache.. actually, I don't think there's any sort of an intro which is going to make this tech tip sound like it's at home. I was trying to use Robocopy with /MIR in order to sync up some files between a samba share and my main box. My first copy worked fine and all files/directories were copied over as expected. However, the second copy also attempted to copy everything again. My google search was interesting - a lot of...

Hardware troubleshooting techniques, Volume 1

PROBLEM: Noisy fan on my FreeBSD box SOLUTION: Disconnect noisy fan It's amazing how much quieter my FreeBSD/Squid cache box is with it's 120mm fan disconnected. I should know in about 24 hours as to whether my quick estimations on it's heat output and cooling requirements were accurate, but for now the acoustic improvements are worth the risk! Tags: FreeBSD