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Google+ isn't Google's Facebook

As vowe says, Google+ isn't Google's Facebook. I think a lot of people have struggled with the fact that Google+ didn’t meet their expectations as being a direct competitor with Facebook – including me. It’s taken a while, but with the recent addition of direct integration with Google Reader, and now with the new YouTube design, it’s all starting to make a lot more sense. As vowe says: “Google+ isn't Google's Facebook. It's the Google fabric. It's everywhere and pulls it all together”. Tags: Google Plus

Sharing to Google+, some quick and dirty options

I’m finding my usage of Google+ interesting – there’s so many things I like about Google+, and yet I really don’t use it very often. I think one of the reasons for this is that currently some of the sharing and API options feel a little lacking. In short, I want to share content to Google+ from multiple sources (my blogs, other blogs, Google Reader, Twitter, wherever) without using extensions or Greasemonkey or any third party apps. Here’s the best of what I’ve found so far – if there’s any you know of that I’ve missed please let me...