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Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers

Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers and they're beautiful – that last bit is from the article title, not me. Interestingly this really feels like a move designed to counter/compete with Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, which look excellent (not necessarily the development of the services, but opening them up to iOS developers). The bullet points of the offering look to match Azure’s exactly, which is probably unsurprising that two large companies decided that developers would want/need similar features. Here’s a silly generic cloud diagram. Surely there’s a default PowerPoint template for “generic silly cloud diagram” by...

Google Analytics on Steroids

GAS, aka, Google Analytics on Steroids looks like it adds some pretty handy functionality to Google Analytics. If you’re not afraid of adding another dependency into the mix, then it could be just what you need to help track more metrics on your sites. Wrappers like this always feel like a double edged sword to me. On the one hand, they offer tempting functionality or features, while on the other hand you really don’t ever know how well supported they’re going to be, so it’s a gamble getting too used to using them – which of course would...

Google Analytics Dot Net

Google Analytics Dot Net is a library giving you a bit more control over Analytics calls made from .NET. Very useful. On a side note, I also love his blog skin. Tags: .NET, Google

Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

Google's suite of applications just keeps getting better - Google Calendar can now be synced with Microsoft Outlook. This is something I'd love to use - however the installer wont run on 64bit Windows XP. Please be informed that Windows XP 64-bit Edition isn’t compatible with Google Calendar Sync at this time. The team here is definitely aware of the strong desire to use this feature and we're keeping track of all reports and requests as we work to improve Google Calendar Sync. Well, add me to the list of people...