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Useful IIS Rewrite Rules

Even with the plethora of routing options available in ASP.NET, there are still times when you want to manipulate a URL and would prefer to do it outside of code. When that’s the case, your best bet is most likely going to be to use IIS’s Rewrite Module. Why can it be useful to keep rewrites/redirects out of code? Being able to push various URL transformations out of code and into config can give you the flexibility to do a few things in a much cleaner and easier way: Perform transformations that you’d only ever want to happen in...

Web Fonts (.woff specifically) throwing 404s on IIS7

(A message for my future self follows) EDIT: Future Ross you’re an idiot. Adding it manually simply adds the staticContent entries, the difference was that “application/x-woff” works, and “application/x-font-woff” does not. Future Ross, you can stop reading now. Hi Future Ross! If you’re reading this, then odds are that you’ve just deployed another site to IIS and noticed that all the .woff fonts are failing to load with a 404 not found even though they exist on the file system! You’ve probably Googled or Binged (Bung?) for solutions, and noticed that a lot of them suggest...

IIS Express, Rewrite rules, IE9, and a whole lotta fun

IIS Express is great for web developers. Being able to test things using a “proper” Web Server rather than Cassini with it’s quirks but without needing the hassle of running a full IIS setup is a great timesaver, and plus it means you have the ability to use additional IIS modules locally, such as the IIS Rewrite modules. Today I accidentally left a production ‘non www to www’ redirection rule enabled locally on a site I was working on, and so of course when I ran it up I was redirected through to www.localhost – I went and disabled...

Using IIS7’s detailed errors

If you’ve had to do any work with IIS, deploying websites, or debugging deployment issues, then this may be something you already know – however I’ve been working with IIS7 for quite some time, and only came across a need for this fairly recently. I could have been lucky to not need this until now, however it’s something I wish I knew about sooner, as IIS7’s detailed errors are pretty handy for those 500/404 errors which make you go “Whuh?”. This is obviously something you won’t want to leave on all the time – it provides a...

IIS Express & New embedded database support - Why I love being busy

One thing I love about being incredibly busy is seeing new shiny stuff get released which you didn’t know was in the pipeline. Two small but recent examples of this are the new IIS Express and ASP.NET’s updated embedded database support. Although I need to sit down and give them both a proper test-drive, at first glance in both cases it really looks like the ASP.NET team listened to what the community was after. Introducing IIS Express – Cassini was convenient, but less than accurate in terms of how an application would perform in a proper IIS environment....

IIS application warm up module & VS2010 power tool extensions

A couple of slightly unrelated (they’re both Microsoft ish, but really that’s as far as it goes) but neat looking things: IIS 7.5 Application Warm-Up Module – a nice idea, being able to remove the spool up time for large applications, or indeed any application where user experience is important (that’s all of them, right?). Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tool Extensions – contains some additional handy add-ins for Visual Studio 2010. A few of them are available already if you use ReSharper 5.0, but quite a few aren’t. Tags: Visual Studio, IIS

A quick collection of useful .NET related links

LightSpeed 3.1 released – Eeek, I missed mentioning the release of fellow New Zealanders Mindscape as they released version 3.1 of their LightSpeed O/RM product last month. Some great looking features in there – obviously Visual Studio 2010 support is a must, but saved quick views into the model is something which has my mouth watering, and splitting large models into multiple files is a a nice feature too. Simplify, Shorten and Speed Up Your LINQ Statements with "Let" – a useful LINQ tip. A little bit of refactoring ahoy for me in a few places now I think....

File under ‘u’ for ‘useful (and I for IIS)

You might not find this interesting now, or in fact, *ever*. But you can't deny that it has the potential to be very useful whilst you're troubleshooting your next major IIS related drama.. Description of default permissions and user rights for IIS 7.0 in Windows Server 2008 Tags: IIS

Tweaking machine.config for production deployments

Tweaking .NET Machine.Config For Production Deployments is a useful summary post for anyone deploying ASP.NET applications to production who wants to do a bit of performance tweaking to IIS without spending too much time on it. Tags: IIS