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2 options for testing with older versions of IE

If you’re unlucky enough to need to test web applications or sites against older versions of Internet Explorer, then using virtual machines is the obvious way to go, with the only downside being they tend to eat a lot of disk space. If you’re a Mac/Linux user, or simply don’t want to create a VM just to install a legacy browser, then you can use these Microsoft VHDs (one for IE 7, 8 and 9), which run on VirtualBox. Of course there’s no IE6, because we’re not too concerned about how our websites look for people in China running...

Pinning the IE8 developer tools

IE8’s developer tools are much improved over what was available in previous versions. They’re still not quite comparable to what Firebug gives you but they’re definitely a step in the right direction and as such I’ve been making an effort to use them more to become familiar with them. Until a couple of days ago, every time I used them I wished they could be pinned to the current browser instead of creating a new window, like the Firefox developer tools behaves. So I was pleased to find that IE8’s tools do that too, it’s just not the default behaviour....

Content-Disposition and IE7

Ok. It doesn’t work. I get that. IE8’s addition of X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff is very welcomed, and seems to actually work. I get that too. But I need a hack to make it work for IE7, or any alternative way to force IE7 to download a file rather than open it directly over http – and right now I don’t care how nasty it is. This is for an intranet style scenario, where I have complete control over the headers which get sent down to the clients – which are IE7. Hit me with your hacks people. Tags:...

IE8 on acid

Hopefully my last IE8 link for a wee while - The IE team posted that they were passing Acid2 a few months ago, yet people are seeing a broken face when they tested with IE 8 beta. If IE8 ends up passing ACID then there are a lot of presenters on web standards out there who are going to have to remove those chunks of their presentations where they load ACID in IE and laugh a lot.. what a shame! Tags: Internet Explorer , Microsoft

IE8 - apparently good for JavaScript developers!

JavaScript in Internet Explorer 8 is apparently good better! Tags: Internet Explorer , Microsoft

Be afraid, be very afraid

The cynic in me can't help but ask the question - is Internet Explorer 8 going to make life as a developer better, or worse? Time to break out the Virtual Machines and find out. Tags: Microsoft , Internet Explorer

IE7 now available to non valid Windows users

In an interesting move, Internet Explorer 7 is now available to users not running a genuine copy of Windows. Previously IE7 required the Windows Genuine Advantage validation process be completed before download. This could easily be a strategy tactic in the ongoing browser wars. Having a single (larger) number for one browser is going to look a lot healthier than having 2 smaller numbers. It could also be something that Microsoft are doing for the general good of the Internet community, which is certainly the tone that the blog post tries to convey - however you can make your...

Testing Web Applications on IE6

I've talked previously about options for performing IE6 Web Application testing. Some of them are pretty half arsed, and really the best approach is to keep a Virtual Machine handy. It's a funny situation when you need to quickly verify an IE6 issue, only to find that you don't have a copy of IE6 on ANY machine ANYWHERE - even servers! Fortunately Microsoft has a solution, even if it's a temporary one. This Virtual PC Image is a pre activated copy of Windows XP that comes with IE6 - you're a mere 600mb download away from being able to perform...