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A mobile site on a budget

Came across this gem while looking through the code of a random site: <script type="text/javascript">        var mobile = (/iphone|ipad|ipod|android|blackberry|mini|windows\sce|palm/i.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()));         if (mobile) {           window.location = "mobile_version/index_mobile.php";        }  </script> While simple solutions are often the best, I’m not so sure about this one. Tags: JavaScript

50 Javascript Tools & Resources from 2013

As the end of the year approaches it’s time for those end of year round up posts to start appearing. Here’s one I came across that contains 50 Javascript Tools & Resources from 2013. There’s a real mixed bag of tools and plugins contained in this list - have a scroll through and odds are you’ll find something interesting or useful. Some of my picks for things that look interesting (which I can’t think of uses for right now, but am pretty sure I could on a long enough timeline): Midway.js - Midway.js makes it super easy...

Bundling and Minification–who needs MSBuild?

I’ve been working on a few projects where we’ve recently implemented ASP.NET 4.5’s bundling and minification offering, and have been really impressed with the results, both in terms of perception of speed due to the reduced number of requests as well as the reduction in amount of data transferred. So when Integrating a JS Build Process Into MSBuild in Visual Studio 2012 Express popped up via one of my news sources (Zite for anyone interested) I thought I’d have a read, explicitly to re-evaluate the MSBuild approach versus the offering that’s now integrated with .NET 4.5. Flicking through the...

Juice UI: Open source ASP.NET Web Forms components for jQuery UI widgets

This morning at MVP Summit, Scott Hunter just announced a new open source project fromappendTo called Juice UI. Juice UI is a collection of Web Forms components which make it incredibly easy to leverage jQuery UI widgets in ASP.NET Web Forms applications. You can start using it right away by adding the JuiceUI NuGet package to your app, and you're welcome to go nuts with the source, which is dual licensed under MIT and GPL. Basically this is a version of the AjaxControlToolkit powered by jQuery and jQueryUI. I’m kind of torn on...

JavaScript Function Invocation and “this”

Understanding JavaScript Function Invocation and “this” aims to clear up some of the misunderstanding around the semantics of ‘this’ in JavaScript function invocations. If you use jQuery, then you should read the three paragraphs titled ‘On jQuery’, even if you don’t read anything else on the page: Because jQuery makes such heavy use of anonymous callback functions, it uses the call method internally to set the this value of those callbacks to a more useful value. For instance, instead of receiving window as this in all event handlers (as you would without special intervention), jQuery...

jQuery Wildcard Selectors - some simple examples

I wrote about jQuery wildcard selector syntax briefly back in 2009, and since then that post has received a lot of views – way more than a post that brief should ever have seen. After seeing the number of views I did a quick bit of digging, and realised why I was having trouble back then, and possibly why the post has been viewed so often – it seems jQuery 1.3.2 dropped support for inline selector wildcards (i.e. \\S*), and there’s still posts, samples and examples lurking around encouraging people to use this old syntax. What this...

jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC1

I mentioned jQuery mobile beta 3 was released a few weeks ago, so it’d be a bit slack of me if I didn’t mention that 1.0 RC1 was released a few days back. I’ve not gone through the changes and fixes in too much detail, but the one thing that jumped out at me was that a download builder is something that will be very handy. Tags: jQuery Mobile, JavaScript

jQuery Mobile Beta 3 released

I’ve mentioned jQuery mobile briefly a couple of times over the past couple of weeks, as I’ve got a small work in progress app that I’m chipping away at. One of the first things I was pondering about was the regularity of new releases on the project, and so I’m happy to find that beta 3 was released a couple of days ago. Looking forward to going through the change log when I have a few moments. Tags: jQuery, JavaScript


If you’re using JSON anywhere then you’ll probably find mockJSON pretty interesting. It’s a plugin for jQuery that hijacks JSON and JSONP requests and responds with some randomly generated data that you can define/control via a template. Tags: jQuery, JavaScript


DepthJS allows any web page to interact with the Microsoft Kinect using Javascript. Tags: Microsoft, JavaScript, Web Development

May 2011 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit

Stephen Walther talks about the May 2011 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit – despite my not really having a need for the Ajax Control Toolkit it’s still obviously an incredibly popular project, and it’s good to see it getting some updates. Tags: Microsoft, JavaScript

The end for the AjaxControlToolkit?

Is it the end for the AJAX Control Toolkit? I’m not sure as I think there’s always going to be a market for simple declarative ‘pseudo ajax’ additions to the WebForms experience, no matter how bad the markup and JavaScript that they create. So while I can’t see myself using it, a version of the AjaxControlToolkit with some jQuery behind it could be an interesting thing to see. Certainly if there’s going to be sites out there using the ACT it’d be a better world if there was jQuery somewhere in the picture. Watch that space. Tags:...

Client-side JavaScript file processing

W3C has published a new working draft of a proposed standard that will enable limited filesystem access from JavaScript – be afraid, be very afraid. The trend towards significantly faster JavaScript engines is enabling powerful client-side processing on a level that simply wasn't feasible before in browsers. Local file access will make it possible to take advantage of client-side processing for a number of common and innovative tasks.   The new File API spec isn't particularly revolutionary or game-changing, but it's a nice bit of added functionality that will broaden...

A quick jQuery collection

A quick collection of a few jQuery plug-ins and snippets which I’ve found useful over the past couple of weeks. jQuery listmenu plugin - allows you to easily convert a long, hard to navigate list into a compact, easily skimmable 'first-letter' based menuing system. Looks like a slick plug-in if you have the need for something like this. jQuery Style ASP.NET Form Validators – useful styling additions to ASP.NET’s stock validator controls to give you more control over the styling of the warning/error messages. Comes with 2 versions – one with animation, and one without (my preference being...

jQuery and ASP.NET

At the risk of adding too much to the echo chamber, Scott Guthrie's October 22nd post has some pretty useful resources for anyone looking to get better acquainted with the use of jQuery with ASP.NET (as well as other useful things of course, but I found the jQuery info particularly useful). Tags: JavaScript , ASP.NET

jQuery and Microsoft

A while ago I did a bit of exploring into jQuery. I really liked what I saw, and was trying to decide whether to invest a bit of time into knowing it better - but with so many JavaScript frameworks and libraries out there it's hard to know which ones are worthy of attention. It looks like Microsoft and jQuery have made that decision a lot easier, with this announcement from Scott Guthrie: I'm excited today to announce that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward.  We will distribute the jQuery JavaScript library as-is, and will not be...


FancyZoom is a lightweight way of providing image zoom functionality to your site. Similar to Lightbox and it’s kind, but with no library requirements and a more ‘mac like’ finish. Tags: JavaScript


If you work with ASP.NET and AJAX then you'll probably want to take a look at Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX Roadmap document. After restating their goal of "making ASP.NET Ajax the first-class choice for all Web 2.0 Developers" they start listing some of their ideas for the future. Template driven binding sounds useful, and I've recently come across a few people mentioning that even though the version in Atlas had it's faults, that it was still a good idea. The DOM APIs around element selection look useful,  and there are various other shiny things such as increased animation effects...

WMD (the markdown editor)

WMD is a rather unfortunately named WYSIWYG-style HTML editor written in JavaScript. It looks pretty slick, especially the split screen mode shown in the advanced demo. I've recently spent a bit of time playing with the YUI editor, which was incredibly feature rich and I liked it a lot, but seemed a little bit heavy for my needs. Obviously it's not right to compare the YUI editor (which is full WYSIWYG) to WMD (which requires a little more tech savvy user base), but the lightweight size and clean styling of WMD is really appealing right now. I'll try and...

JavaScript stuff

A post with a few tidbits of interesting JavaScript related stuff: Need an interactive date range picker? Check out this one (based on jQuery) from Filament group - view the example page, or the article. PersistJS is a client-side JavaScript persistent storage library. It's also a good reason to stop and appreciate Silverlight's caching functionality. "An easier and more accessibe YouTube player" is what it sounds like. An example of an accessible youtube video player based around their JavaScript API. Tags: JavaScript


jsvi is a JavaScript version of VI. Looks scarily useful. Tags: JavaScript , VI

Taffy DB

The description of TaffyDB reads: Taffy DB is a free and opensource JavaScript library that acts as thin data layer inside Web 2.0 and Ajax application Think of it as a SQL database in your web browser. Ok, I thought of that - and it scares me. Yet, intrigues me at the same time. Technorati Tags: SQL,JavaScript

Accordion 2.0

What an unfortunate version number. He should have skipped straight to 3.0, or even 2.5. Anywho, Accordion 2.0 is an update of the scriptaculous based Accordion script. It's quite a neat accordion, which works nested, or horizontally. If you don't like Accordion controls then you can just read all the people who hate the guy because of the writing tone he uses on his own site - yeah, seriously. Tags: JavaScript

JavaScript cross browser compatiability tip #98439483

If you're dynamically resizing anything in your browser using JavaScript, and you'd like it to work in more than one browser, then you need to remember to set the unit type of your object as well as the value. The following code works in IE, but not in Firefox: = height1 + height2; This however, works in both browsers: = height1 + height2 + 'px'; As for Safari? Right now your guess is as good as mine. If I get a spare few minutes I'll throw together a...

JavaScript intellisense in Visual Studio 2008

Scott Guthrie talks about Visual Studio 2008 and it's support for JavaScript intellisense. It looks pretty slick, however I'm guessing that the computation and evaluation required to provide type inference is going to be pretty CPU intensive. Ah well - Moore's law states that we'll all have had a few computer upgrades well before 2008 right? I'm hoping that the support for intellisense within external JavaScript files means that 2008 will offer additional navigational tools - 'go to declaration' being quite a welcome addition. Navigating through large chunks of JavaScript split across multiple files can be a bit...