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Microsoft.Data.dll - “Someone on the Internet is wrong!”

I’ve had a few posts on the topic of Microsoft.Data.dll sitting open in my browser for a few days, and I keep coming back to them trying to work out what I think of it. In some ways it doesn’t matter, because I’m never going to use it – which is fine, because I’m not the intended demographic. If you’ve not seen it already and want to get enraged/interested (pick one!), then basically the syntax is a simplification of ADO.NET and LINQ allowing queries such as the following: using (var db = Database.OpenFile("Northwind")) { ...

Mindscape LightSpeed 3.0 – initial impressions

Over the past few days I’ve finally had some time to give LightSpeed 3.0 a bit of a test drive. Nothing extensive so far, but enough to get some initial impressions. The quick summary? I like it. My testing has been with a couple of different projects / databases. One is a greenfield ASP.NET MVC application I’ve been playing about with, and the other is a quick test project I've created in order to run a few tests with LightSpeed against Ignition’s existing Site Foundation Framework codebase (mostly there I wanted to test the single table inheritance...

LINQ to SQL resources

From the “slightly delayed echo chamber” department, I’ve meant to link to Damien G’s recently posted list of LINQ to SQL resources. It’s a useful collection of stuff for anyone using L2S. Tags: LINQ to SQL

More LINQ to SQL related links

A couple of quick links I’ve meant to post up for a couple of days, as much for my own reference. LINQ to SQL changes in .NET 4.0 – Damien Guard posts a list of upcoming features and fixes, which is much welcomed even though it confuses the whole “LINQ to SQL is dead” issue. I’m still using LINQ to SQL for Data Access in some smaller projects, so it’s nice to see that it’s getting some update attention. Longer term, who knows? Sticking with the LINQ to SQL theme, I hadn’t seen PLINQO before. Might be...