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A quick collection of useful .NET related links

LightSpeed 3.1 released – Eeek, I missed mentioning the release of fellow New Zealanders Mindscape as they released version 3.1 of their LightSpeed O/RM product last month. Some great looking features in there – obviously Visual Studio 2010 support is a must, but saved quick views into the model is something which has my mouth watering, and splitting large models into multiple files is a a nice feature too. Simplify, Shorten and Speed Up Your LINQ Statements with "Let" – a useful LINQ tip. A little bit of refactoring ahoy for me in a few places now I think....

Don't do as Johnny don't does.

Originally from dotnet-snippets this lovely piece of code shows the power and danger of LINQ in one go: var files = from file in new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\").GetFiles()             where file.Name.StartsWith("_")             select file; Sure, you could use that piece of code to search for files… but don't. (Although surely it can't be long before someone adds deferred execution support for a filesystem? Maybe it's coming in WinFS Forever?) Tags: LINQ

LINQ issue sorted

The answer to my LINQ query turned out to be pretty simple in the end – all I needed to do was run my query against a list. I.e.: args.Result = from userimage in db.UserImages becomes args.Result = from userimage in db.UserImages.ToList() (Thanks Blair!) Tags: LINQ

Quick LINQ question

I'm throwing this out there hoping there's a LINQ guru lurking among my readership somewhere. I'm trying to add a Row Number Column to a LINQ query. In fact, this looks to be exactly what I want to do, however his example won't compile for me - "An expression tree may not contain an assignment operator". I'm hoping there's something simple and obvious I've missed. My code looks something like: int i = 1; args.Result = from userimage in db.UserImages               where userimage.UserID == userGuid.Value ...

If you're using a loop, you're doing it wrong

"If you're using a loop, you're doing it wrong" by Chuck Jazdzewski is a quick primer to LINQ. It's a reminder that a lot of developers are going to make a conscious effort to change the way they approach problem solving when they're using LINQ. Of course any ex Notes/Domino developers with @Function programming experience will be used to stringing operators together, so they should be right at home! Tags: LINQ


  LINQPad is a handy tool for anyone who works with LINQ: LINQPad is more than just a LINQ query tool: it's a code snippet IDE. Instantly execute any C# 3 or VB 9 expression or statement block! Best of all, LINQPad is free and needs no installation: just download and run.  The executable is under 2MB and is self-updating. Fun! Tags: ASP.NET , SQL , LINQ

Developing Linq for LLBLGenPro

Fans Bouma is documenting the process of adding linq support to LLBLGenPro in a series of posts. One of the pingbacks named the series "A diary of LINQ pain" which sounds pretty appropriate! Tags: LLBLGenPro, Linq