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What’s new in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Web Developer 11

What's New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Web Developer 11 Developer Preview – somehow I only managed to stumble across this one recently. It was originally posted in September 2011 – wow, really? My quick picks for things I’m personally looking forward to here; Strongly Types Data Controls – one of my pet peeves around non-MVC ASP.NET databinding has been the “bind and hope” approach that Eval has. It always felt a little icky – hopefully this will change now (it looks good on paper, but I think it needs a proper test run before I’ll know for...

ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap

I’ve had the ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap sitting open in a browser window for a couple of weeks now, and have only just now found the time to flick through it. Obviously it’s early days for MVC4 so a lot of what’s mentioned is speculative, however the potential improvements to mobile support and the ability to have device specific views looks like something that will really make a difference to anyone developing apps for mobile devices – which these days, is pretty much everyone, whether they know it or not. Add in a touch of improved Ajax...

Simple (but effective) ASP.NET MVC RSS feed creation

Short story shorter, I recently wanted to add some quick RSS feed functionality to an app I’m working on. I looked at a few options, and really didn’t like any of them – except this one from Damien Guard. The post is over a year now, so there might be a better way to do things lurking out there, however to me this was the nicest and cleanest solution I found. Link: Creating RSS feeds in ASP.NET MVC Tags: ASP.NET, MVC

MVC Music Store v3.0

The MVC Music Store tutorial/sample application has had a technology update. It now covers ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework Code-First, SQL Server Compact, and demonstrates the Scaffolding features included in the Tools Update. Tags: MVC, Microsoft, ASP.NET

You down with MVC? Yeah you know me!

I resisted ASP.NET MVC for quite some time. Not intentionally, and not for for any real compelling reason, but for a while WebForms coupled with my version of an MVP implementation was doing its thing pretty nicely, and a few of the WebForms projects I was working on had customers who really had no reason to shift technologies. Whether you’re charging by the hour or working in a fixed price scenario it can be a little hard to justify jumping into new technologies (although at this point you could hardly call MVC ‘new’) without good reason. Having said that,...

MVC Radio buttons

While working with radio buttons in MVC2 I’m seeing some strange behaviour. I suspect I’m overlooking something obvious here, so please jump in dear reader and laugh at my expense. The scenario involves radio buttons, and wanting to set one of the options as being selected (“checked” for a radio button). According to logic and many Stackoverflow posts, you should be able to do something with the checked property, however this seems broken for me – consider the following, where none of these three attempts at setting check should be valid, however all three of them result in the...

What’s struck me most after working ‘properly’ with MVC.. how much I love being able to have typed views. As much as various WebForms based MVP implementations addressed issues such as testability and adding interface requirements, there’s something about removing the “cross your fingers” approach of Eval statements that feels – overdue? Of course MVC(2) for a WebForms developer isn’t without its frustrations, but there’s plenty of time for posting about that later. Tags: MVC

More ASP.NET MVC vs WebForms

Not from me this time - Scott Guthrie has a good post with some of his own points on MVC, WebForms, and the debates. Link: About Technical Debates (and ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC debates in particular) Tags: ASP.NET, MVC

ASP.NET WebForms vs MVC from another angle

While scanning my RSS feeds this weekend I’ve noticed a lot of “MVC vs WebForms” type postings. I feel the need for my own little rant in this area. It’s one which I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for a little while, and so now seems like as good a time as any to get it over and done with.. so here goes. As a possible point of difference, my rant has nothing to do with technology. I keep coming across posts from developers who are new to ASP.NET, and are asking something along the lines...

ASP.NET MVC Preview 2

ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2 is now available for download. With all the talking about ASP.NET MVC it’s easy to forget that it’s still only in a preview cycle. What’s my point? Well, nothing really, other than wanting those people who write “GIVE UP AND USE ASP.NET MVC” as a reply to every forum post which mentions a problem with ASP.NET webforms to stop and think about what they’re writing before they click post. We can all dream. Tags: Microsoft,MVC

More ASP.NET MVC goodness

There's more MVC goodness announced on ScottGu's blog, namely the Preview 4 release which means another step closer to the final thing. As always there's a bunch of useful info showing it all in action, so check it out. Tags: ASP.NET , MVC

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP Preview Released

Get your early dose of MVC goodness for Visual Studio 2008 here (and here for the MVC Toolkit extras). There's interesting mention of a few other items included in the extensions preview. One thing I've not followed closely is ADO.NET Data Services. The ADO.NET Entity Framework is billed as "a modeling framework that enables developers to define a conceptual model of a database schema that closely aligns to a real world view of the information". I'm very interested to see how this competes with something like LLBLGenPro (or even if that's it's intention in life). Tags: ASP.NET...

A few quick links

Joel on Software's Strategy Letter VI - On Lotus Symphony, AJAX, and history repeating itself. The post is a couple of months old now, but I missed it when it was first posted. Worth a read. What's Ailing ASP.NET Web Forms - Rick Strahl on the historical strengths and weaknesses of ASP.NET webforms (prompted by the impending release of Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC framework). Using Visual Studio 2008 with VSS (Visual SourceSafe) - basically "grab the patch", or migrate to some decent source control (yeah I added the second one in). Facebook Beacon Privacy Issues Worse Than Previously...

To MVC or not to MVC

There's no doubt in my mind that thinking about MVC and/or MVP frameworks is bound to scare some developers out there. Changing the entire approach to ASP.NET development by throwing out ViewState and Postbacks is bound to make some people ask "Why fix it if it aint broke?" A lot of the MVC related writing at the moment seems to focus on the benefits of using the MVC approach - Yay for TDD! Yay for clean URLs! Yay for extensible pluggable architectures! Yay foreach Benefit benefit in List<MVC_Benefit> benefits! Which is all fine and dandy, however I...

An interesting take on the ASP.NET MVC framework

Mads Kristensen has an interesting take on the potential dangers in Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC Framework. Some people might think he's being overly cynical, but there's definitely some valid points in there. Attend any event which contains a mix of C# and VB developers, and start talking about language and you'll see the same sort of effect. I love the term "Search Driven Development" that he uses in the post. It's a pretty obvious one, but I've never heard it put like that before. Technorati Tags: ASP.NET , MVC