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IIS Express & New embedded database support - Why I love being busy

One thing I love about being incredibly busy is seeing new shiny stuff get released which you didn’t know was in the pipeline. Two small but recent examples of this are the new IIS Express and ASP.NET’s updated embedded database support. Although I need to sit down and give them both a proper test-drive, at first glance in both cases it really looks like the ASP.NET team listened to what the community was after. Introducing IIS Express – Cassini was convenient, but less than accurate in terms of how an application would perform in a proper IIS environment....

Using Dynamic data with multiple databases

At the risk of becoming too much of an echo chamber here, Using Dynamic Data with multiple databases is a useful post describing... exactly what the title says. Their example refers to Entity Framework and Linq2SQL – in my case I was trying to use L2S alongside Mindscape LightSpeed, which also worked very well. I had low expectations around how Dynamic Data would handle multiple models, much less multiple O/RM tools, so I have to say I was pretty pleased in how it was handled. Tags: .NET, O/RM, Mindscape

Mindscape LightSpeed 3.0 – initial impressions

Over the past few days I’ve finally had some time to give LightSpeed 3.0 a bit of a test drive. Nothing extensive so far, but enough to get some initial impressions. The quick summary? I like it. My testing has been with a couple of different projects / databases. One is a greenfield ASP.NET MVC application I’ve been playing about with, and the other is a quick test project I've created in order to run a few tests with LightSpeed against Ignition’s existing Site Foundation Framework codebase (mostly there I wanted to test the single table inheritance...