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Using a HTML Signature using Apple Mail in Yosemite

I’m posting this for my own future reference: How to Make an HTML Signature in Apple Mail for Yosemite OS X 10.10 Clearly Macs are so easy to use that a post like this won’t have value to anyone else, right? Tags: OSX

On VMware Fusion with genetically modified Macs

A while back when I ripped open by Macbook Pro to install a second HDD I commented on how it felt a little ‘wrong’. I also mentioned a semi random crippling speed issue with VMware Fusion and the Optibay (actually it’s related to any additional hard drive by the sounds of it). Well it seems that the thread and the issue are both still alive and well and frustrating people well over a year after I originally created it. I’m kind of surprised by that, but have to wonder whether it’s the sort of issue that pops...

“IBM was here first!”

When your product name clashes with the name of an app that suddenly gets built into an operating system, much fun ensues: Supportability Q&A about Lotus Notes and OS X 10.8 It’s not just one of those things that’s funny because it’s happening to IBM, but there’s also an interesting lesson in software engineering and not being able to plan for everything. As always Volker has some amusing discussion over on his site, along with an amusing image that I won’t link to directly here. If you like reading more Yellowsphereverse gnashing of teeth then I suggest heading...

30 new OS X Mountain Lion features in 2 minutes

A load of stuff I can’t get too excited about, but one or two gems in there (specifically having Notes sync with my iOS devices) and a lot more integration with iCloud and in general more sharing options. Hopefully it’ll also have cleared up all the nagging issues with Lion that some people have mentioned too. Tags: Apple, OSX

MCE Optibay and the joys of ripping open a Macbook Pro

Towards the end of last year I ripped open my Macbook Pro and installed an MCE Optibay mod along with a 2.5” drive to replace the MBP’s internal superdrive. My MBP had a 128gb SSD, and running Windows via Bootcamp or a VM combined with one or two disk hungry OSX applications meant that it simply wasn’t enough space anymore. I looked at the price of a large replacement SSD, and simply couldn’t justify it for a laptop that was slightly over a year old, so the MCE mod made good financial sense. Installing the MCE Optibay was...

OSX Lion–this is not the future we were hoping for

Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For (Gizmodo) is a short but negative write up on OSX Lion. The article (written by an OSX lover fwiw) contains quotes such as this one: By trying to please everyone, the OS X team has produced an incongruent user interface pastiche that won't satisfy the consumers seeking simplicity nor the professional users in search of OCD control. I’ll wait and have a play with it before passing judgement, but I have to say that I...


MonoLingual lets you remove languages you don’t need from your OSX installation, letting you save space (yes, even with Snow Leopard). For me, this saved me 1.7gb of space in my Macbook Pro. Due to having a SSD, a Bootcamp partition, and a couple of large applications, my OSX drive is pretty tight – so that 1.7gb was very much appreciated. Monolingual is slightly misnamed. It doesn’t remove all but 1 language, rather it lets you select which ones you want to keep and remove. Tags: Apple, OSX