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Domino Web Access does not work in Safari

For those who are interested (both of you!), Domino Web Access does not work with Safari for Windows. Why is that interesting? Well, it's not really, however there was some speculation that it *might* work if you could get past IBM's horrible obfuscated browser detection JavaScript contained in /inotes/forms7.nsf. Speculate no more in the knowledge that it simply doesn't work! Tags: Notes/Domino, Safari,

Apple enters the Windows Browser Wars

As the browser wars heat up signs throughout the web show that the pro Firefox crew are becoming less subtle with each passing day. As far as Apple are concerned it's a pretty good time to get their latest offering out into the Windows world. The somewhat evangelical momentum behind Firefox has definately helped to educate people into realising that there are plenty of Windows based browser alternatives. I spent a bit of time playing with Safari on Windows Vista today. Visually it's very Mac like - thats to be expected. Ive never been an iTunes user, but...