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Windows XP, the sky is actually falling.

Ever since support ended for Windows XP I’ve developed something of an involuntary habit of spotting XP systems in the wild while going about everyday life. Hospitals and medical facilities (optometrists and so on) always seem to have a high hit rate. Sometimes I say something, and sometimes I don’t. When I say something it’s usually in a lighthearted manner, and it’s almost always met with a “So?” attitude. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Well, things like this are what can happen: Royal Melbourne Hospital attacked by damaging computer virus. The more that time progresses the...

Why it’s easy being a hacker – A SQL injection case study

Why it’s easy being a hacker – A SQL injection case study – basically asserting that the top search results around learning MySQL/SQL all have terribly flawed code examples. Hardly surprising I guess, however I wonder how recent some of those posts are. I’m not a PHP kinda guy, but certainly a lot of blog posts I’ve seen in the .NET community that contain “quick” sample code have usually had some kind of disclaimer on them – whether that disclaimer is actually read or not is another matter altogether. Tags: SQL, Security

Living with HTTPS

Last month I touched on HTTP/HTTPS and protocol relative hyperlinks. At the time I was kind of amazed how I’d not come across it before, but this month I’ve come across event more reading on the subject of HTTPS in post titled Living with HTTPS. The post is written from a security/protocol perspective, and it’s probably not as practical for day to day development as knowing about protocol relative hyperlinks, but it’s all good information for web developers to know, even if they don’t retain all of it. Information like an understanding of HSTS is useful to know,...