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Subtext 2.5 released.. upgrade imminent!

Subtext 2.5 (well 2.5.something now that they’ve had to patch a couple of things) looks like a nice upgrade indeed. The improved searching and ‘related content’ features should be interesting to anyone who pays even a small amount of attention to their blog stats. It’ll be upgrade time around here as soon as I get a few moments. Tags: Subtext

Now running Subtext!

The observant among you will notice that the site has changed. I'm no longer running on Domino, and hence I'm no longer running on Blogo. The site is now fully powered by ASP.NET, and is running the excellent Open Source Subtext. Thanks go out to Ferdy for all the time he's spent writing and maintaining Blogo - if you're in the market for an open source Domino blogging engine then check it out, it's well worth it. Why Subtext? I can't really say. I played with a few .NET solutions out there, and decided that I really liked quite a few...