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Feedsource for WHS v1

Do you have a Windows Home Server on your network? Do you use it to stream media? If so you might be interested in Feedsource for WHS, bought to you by our good friends over at Tentacle Software. Tags: Windows Home Server

Discovering Window Server Code Name Aurora

Yesterday Microsoft announced Windows Server Code Name Aurora Microsoft Announce Two New Small Business Server Products and Betas and as part of an initiative called the Coffee Coaching Series, the first of a number of videos has been posted. Check it out if you want to learn more about Aurora, and check back here at UWHS for more as well. Discovering Window Server Code Name Aurora Tags: Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server Windows 7 Bare Metal Restore

Wow, what a horrible post title. I’m doing some hard drive juggling at the moment in preparation for some new hardware, and so it was a good time to do some testing of the BMR capabilities of WHS. It all worked pretty well – in theory you just whack the boot CD in and the rest is self explanatory, and in reality it’s close to being that easy, but there are a few additional bits of information which might be useful to know up front. Firstly, if for some reason you don’t have the bootable restore...

Beta of the next version of WHS (codenamed “Vail”) available for download

I’m a little late in mentioning this link from - Wanna Peek at the Next Version of Windows Home Server? Check out the new public beta for Windows Home Server, Code Name “Vail”. So what’s new and exciting in this next version? Although we’re still in the midst of development work (and things may change), we can say that Vail includes feature improvements in four key areas: Extending media streaming outside the home or office Multi-PC backup and restore ...

Disk Management 1.1 for Windows Home Server

This morning saw Tentacle Software release version 1.1 of it’s incredibly popular Windows Home Server Add-in: Tentacle Software is proud to announce the release of Disk Management 1.1, the next version of our very popular Windows Home Server Add-In. It has, as they say, been a long time coming. This release also sees a large update to their website – the new site is looking very shiny indeed. If you’re a current user of their Disk Management Add-in, or a WHS user who hasn’t seen it yet, then you should definitely head over and...

WHS Health add-in

A couple of weeks back I mentioned a new feature of Windows Home Server in PP3 - the health.xml file. I didn’t think it was going to take too long before add-ins were available that accessed that information, and I was right – here’s the first one I’ve come across. Again, I’m not sure how useful any of this info is (with the exception of the console errors, which you may be actively monitoring) but it’s still pretty neat. Tags: Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server PP3

On Friday I updated my WHS to PP3 without much drama. I say “much” because one of my drives disappeared briefly, but came back after a reboot (a hardware issue I think). PP3 adds better support for Windows 7 and improves the search query times. It also adds a little file named health.xml (http://servername:55000/health/health.xml) which makes certain pieces of information about your server and clients available to your internal network. There’s some useful info in that file, but I’m having a hard time thinking of anything useful one could do with it! Tags: Windows Home Server

Give great add-ins to power up your WHS Console

Use Windows Home Server? Want Add-ins? Then read Five Great Add-Ins to Power Up Your Windows Home Server Console. At the top of the list yet again is WHS Disk Management by Sam Wood of Tentacle Software and Ignition Development. Tags: Windows Home Server

WHS backup reconfiguration wizard

While doing a a recent replacement of one of my data drives (swapping out a 1TB Seagate drive with a much cooler running Samsung 1.5TB) I came across a bit of a quirk with the Windows Home Server connector. It wasn’t hard to get around in my case, but for some people reading this post might save some time. After booting, the connector informed me that the computer had a new hard drive, and I should update the backups. Fair enough. However it complained bitterly that it couldn’t locate the old drive: The computer is...

Do you use Windows Home Server?

Then you might want to fill in the 2nd annual feedback usage and satisfaction survey and/or learn a bit about what's available in the PP3 beta. Tags: Windows Home Server

Quick access to your Windows Home Server

It’s one of those things which is pretty obvious, but incredibly handy – Add a link to your server in 'My Computer'. That’s your My Computer of course, not My My Computer, because the latter would be silly. Tags: Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server for Business

An interesting Microsoft marketing page for Windows Home Server says WHS offers Peace of mind for the Home Office and Small Office. Don’t be fooled by the name. Windows Home Server was designed as a solution that is as functional in a small office setting as it is in your home. Windows Home Server is a dependable and affordable way to organize and safeguard your work for up to 10 computers. Windows home server is an incredibly useful and simple approach to servers. So useful and so simple that...

Windows Home Server Development Resources

If you're a Windows Home Server enthusiast who has been tempted to try your hand at writing an Add-In, but didn't know where to start, then check out this guide by Sam Wood from Tentacle Software. Link: WHS Development Resources Tags: Windows Home Server

PlayTech Home Server Reviewed

PlayTech Windows Home Server Reviewed in New Zealand PCWorld by Tentacle Software's own Sam Wood. Helping New Zealand rank well at number 2 on the global WHS World Cup standings are a wide range of home servers from local system builders. One of these systems, the PlayTech Home Server which is a AMD Athlon X2 4600+ processor based system, is reviewed in the May issue of New Zealand ‘s PC World. The review is authored by Sam Wood, a member of the WGS community and author of the great WHS Disk Management...

WHS Add-Ins rated

A recent Poll on the "We got Served" forums rates WHS Add-Ins - both commercial and community. Useful reading for anyone looking to extend the functionality of their Windows Home Server. Congratulations to Tentacle Software's Sam Wood, who's Add-In topped the charts for Best Community Add-In. Link: What WHS Commercial Software and Community Add-Ins Do You Rate? Tags: Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server - HP EX470 or EX475 memory upgrade

If you're interested in Windows Home Server then you might be wondering whether to build your own box from recycled (or new!) hardware vs buying a proprietary WHS box. Well, this article might help sway your decision slightly: Home Server Hacks: Upgrade the Memory in your HP EX470 or EX475. The whole article can be summed up by this paragraph: Before you begin, I must warn you that this upgrade is not for the faint of heart. You are literally going to remove every component of the machine just to get to the memory. Doing so *may*...

Windows Home Server World Cup

Some interesting statistics about Windows Home Server puts New Zealand second only to Norway: The Windows Home Server software has been purchased by System Builders in over 40 countries around the world.  And our hardware partners are starting to branch out their distribution plans for their hardware offerings, powered by Windows Home Server, to more and more countries. As to be expected, the larger countries are responsible for a majority of the unit sales. In order to compare the sales results of a smaller country with a larger country, you need to...

Windows Home Server Disk Management Add-In

If you're using Windows Home Server on homebrew hardware, then this Add-In from Tentacle Software could be just what you're looking for. An exerpt from the page: This Windows Home Server Add-In is an extension of the standard WHS Server Storage interface. People who buy nice OEM WHS solutions get fancy LEDs that light up when a disk needs to be removed; us poor people with cobbled-together home-brew hardware don't. This add-in makes it easier to identify the physical disk you're working with in the WHS Console. Tags: Microsoft , Windows...