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Open Live Writer

As I’ve written a lot in the past about Windows Live Writer, it’d be remiss of me to not mention that an open source fork is now available. I blogged briefly about this back in June of this year, and it’s great to see that it has finally happened. The current version is dubbed “0.5”, so may not be stable for use by everyone, but it seems fine to me so far. This release seems to be mostly about tidying things up by removing outdated functionality, and simply getting a release out (version 0.5 sucks, ship it anyway), but there’s...

Microsoft to Open Source Windows Live Writer

Looks like the push from Hanselman and others to open source Windows Live Writer has finally come through: Microsoft to Open Source Windows Live Writer. Good news for people (like me!) who have used it for quite some time and really can’t imagine using anything else. Tags: Windows Live Writer

On techniques for writing longer posts

In the past I’ve been very much a stream of consciousness writer. That is to say, an idea will pop into my head or something will happen and I’ll sit down and write about it then and there, and post it when finished (after a quick proof read). This has a couple of implications – if I’m too busy to write when that something happens then I often forget to write about it. I’ll often make notes and points along the lines of “Hey, I should write about that”, but often find it hard to come back and get...

Live Writer: using the DotNetKicks & DZone plugins together

I’m having a weird issue when using these 2 plugins together – only one of them seems to make it into the footer. Individually they both work fine! If this is a known thing with a known fix then someone please shout out before I burn time writing an updated version of the plugin! Tags: Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Wave 3 direct download links

After writing about the latest Live Writer beta having patchy 64bit support again, I came across this collection of direct download links. I've had the url sitting on my secondary PC for a week or so now waiting to get a chance to test it works, which I can happily confirm it does. Link: Direct Links for Windows Live Wave 3 Tags: Windows Live Writer

Live Writer's latest release doesn't support 64bit XP, again..

I'm getting a little frustrated by Windows Live Writer's seemingly on again off again support for 64 bit operating systems (and I'm talking 64 bit XP here, not sure whether 64bit Vista support is still patchy or not). This latest beta release once again doesn't support XP 64, whereas this previous one does. I'd be happy enough running the older version, but it seems to have a weird error where posting to Subtext gives me "Illegal Characters Found" when I post, even though the post makes it up onto the site without problems. Live Writer is such a great tool,...

My Live Writer plan is foiled

After I discovered that the 1.0 release of Live Writer did NOT support Windows XP 64 bit, I figured I'd just stick with the beta and the hacked installer which someone had thoughtfully provided. However today I was informed via dialog box that my plan has a fatal flaw: If anyone out there has seen a version of the 1.0 installer which has been hacked to work with Windows XP 64 bit (NOT VISTA 64 BIT - THE STANDARD INSTALLER WORKS FINE FOR VISTA!) then please drop me a line. Tags: Windows Live Writer

I'm quite sick of writing about Live Writer

Really, I am. The quote from my previous post about the 1.0 release of Live Writer said: We have heard from many of you about the pain and frustration in the last beta release when support for installing on x64 systems was not supported.  We're happy to share that this has also been fixed and now installation on Windows Vista x64 is fully supported. When I read this, I did wonder whether not mentioning XP 64 bit was intentional or not. It turns out that it was. The full Live Writer release does not work on XP 64 bit....

Windows Live Writer: Out of Beta

From the Writer Zone blog: Thank you to everyone who tried out the beta releases of Writer over the last year and gave us feedback. Over 1.5 million of you downloaded our last beta release, and your input helped make Writer the product it is today.  Our goal from the start has been to help make blogging more powerful, intuitive, and fun for everyone. Today, we’re proud to announce that Windows Live Writer 2008 is now available! As promised, it now works properly on 64bit systems: We have heard from many of you about the pain...

More on Live Writer 64bit

A bit of a follow up for anyone who's interested in running Live Writer on 64 bit Windows, and didn't read the comments to my previous post. Charles' explanation as to why the current install doesn't work with 64 bit makes a lot more sense: We're sorry about the fact that Writer stopped supporting 64 bit Windows. You're right that this is just temporary. Our installer had a little hiccup but it will be resolved in our next release. Once again, our apologies! So all you 64bit people can look forward to being back and writing with Live Writer...