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As an iPhone user, I’m still excited about Windows Phone

I’m an iPhone user, but I’m still pretty excited about Windows Mobile Phone. And here’s why. As a Microsoft Developer, it just makes sense for me to be. I’ve been involved with the development of a couple of simple apps/games for WM7, and the level of integration with developer tools that I already use is just so compelling. Microsoft really knows how to appeal to developers, and even though I’m not in love with XAML, the whole experience of writing apps using an IDE and a language that you already know is just so… easy. Secondly, I...

Mobile Internet redux

This post was originally going to be about using a mobile phone (in my case, a TyTn II) as a modem over Bluetooth in OSX. To my somewhat untrained eye, it doesn't exactly seem in line with the rest of the Mac experience, but I could be missing something obvious. With my previous (Windows) laptop, I installed ActiveSync + Bluetooth drivers (which were missing initially - I'd disabled Bluetooth in the BIOS as I'd never needed it before) on the laptop and things seemed to work ok. There were a fair few steps required to get up and running...

Internet on the Go

If you like the idea of using your Windows Mobile device as a backup means for Internet access, but want to (or can't) use Bluetooth, then WMWifiRouter could be for you. I'll be testing it over the next week or so on my travels, although truth be told Bluetooth is working pretty well for me right now. If you're looking to do the same thing with your Nokia S60 device then check out JoikuSpot. If you're after something for your iPhone.. well, who knows. Tags: Windows Mobile

Fun with Windows Mobile

There should be a few more posts about Windows mobile popping up on the site from now on. I recently replaced my Nokia N73 with a HTC TyTn II. Why? Well, a few reasons. The main was that my partner wanted to buy me a birthday present last month, and I simply couldn't think of anything to ask for. She kept insisting she wanted to buy me an iPhone - this prompted me to run off and look at what was out there in the way of phones with full qwerty keyboards, and I ended up finding myself sold on...