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iOS9 giveth and it taketh away

This iOS9 Safari media query bug sounds like it’s really annoying a lot of people. If you work on sites with a large iOS user population then it’s probably worth being aware of it before you run into it. On the flipside, it looks like they fixed this really annoying iOS 8.x photo upload issue. Tags: iOS, Apple

Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers

Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers and they're beautiful – that last bit is from the article title, not me. Interestingly this really feels like a move designed to counter/compete with Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, which look excellent (not necessarily the development of the services, but opening them up to iOS developers). The bullet points of the offering look to match Azure’s exactly, which is probably unsurprising that two large companies decided that developers would want/need similar features. Here’s a silly generic cloud diagram. Surely there’s a default PowerPoint template for “generic silly cloud diagram” by...

Anatomy of a Native Feeling HTML5 iOS App

The act of various people moving to native applications on iOS, away from previous implementations using HTML5 and technologies like PhoneGap got various people talking about the pros and cons of each approach. Look and feel and performance are things that often come up in this conversation, and Anatomy of a Native Feeling HTML5 iOS App is a nice little rundown of things you can do to improve both of these aspects. However, if that doesn’t interest you, then the post reads pretty well as a mini best practices guide for good development of a mobile application in...

iOS theme for jQuery Mobile

Working with jQuery mobile? Targeting your site at iOS users? Well, you’ll probably want to check out this iOS theme for jQuery mobile. I gave it a quick test on both an iPhone4 (non S) and an iPad 2, and it feels a lot smoother than the last tests I did with jQuery mobile. I’m assuming that’s to do with the 1.01 release, but either way it’s nice to feel the framework maturing. Link: Blog post Link: Demo Tags: jQuery Mobile, iOS

Mobile Development titbits–jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator, and iOS boilerplate

This week has been less than satisfying from a developer’s point of view, and I’ve found myself stuck hanging out with my good buddies Outlook, Word and Excel a lot more than I’d have liked However despite that I’ve still managed to pick up a few useful bits of mobile development information. Allow me to share, if you will.   jQuery mobile – resizing to landscape mode doesn’t work properly. Basically when rotating the device, the windows new size wasn’t quite correct. While it felt like a minor annoyance at first, it quickly became pretty clear it...