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Mobile Frameworks Comparison Chart

This Mobile Frameworks Comparison Chart is currently in development, but it’s a quick and useful way to compare a large number of frameworks before starting on a project to find the one that’s most suited to your needs. Allowing you to select the platforms you’d like to support is obvious, but the chart goes deeper than that, allowing you to specify things such as which hardware features you need (i.e. Accelerometer, Camera, etc.), what languages you’d like to use, and even what sort of license you’re looking for. Tags: Web Development, iPhone, iPad

More mobile Boilerplates and templates

The mobile boilerplates and templates keep on rolling in. Magazine Grid looks like a great starting point if you’re looking to present some text/images in a clear, easy to read way. It’s from the folks at Asidemag, which is a pretty impressive iPad tuned HTML5 magazine. My initial reaction is that it’d be even better if it had a bit of navigation/transition support built into it, but I guess the whole idea is that it’s nice and lightweight so you can combine it with whatever you like. Touchy Boilerplate (according to the website) “goes beyond just an...

OSX Lion–this is not the future we were hoping for

Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For (Gizmodo) is a short but negative write up on OSX Lion. The article (written by an OSX lover fwiw) contains quotes such as this one: By trying to please everyone, the OS X team has produced an incongruent user interface pastiche that won't satisfy the consumers seeking simplicity nor the professional users in search of OCD control. I’ll wait and have a play with it before passing judgement, but I have to say that I...

OS X Lion and iOS 5 intro videos

I watched this one first, and didn’t really see much that grabbed me. I’m sure there’s some great stuff here, but there’s nothing that jumped out and wowed me as something I’d use every day or that would make my life better. I did have it in the back of my head that this release could alienate a few hardcore OSX users, whoever the hell they are, as it looks like a big change. Also if you don’t have a gesture compatible mouse you could be a bit screwed. I like gestures, but I hate the ergonomics...