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jQuery Mobile Skeleton app

Another in the series of “for my own reference” posts – this jQuery Mobile Skeleton App is the sort of thing that could be handy either if you’re doing a lot of work with jQuery Mobile, OR, if you’re not doing much with it and want to get moving quicker when you do. Also it looks like it’s being actively updated/maintained over on GitHub which is good to see jQuery Mobile Skeleton App (Blog post/intro) jQuery Mobile Skeleton app (GitHub) Tags: jQuery Mobile

Metro theme for jQuery Mobile

A few days back I mentioned the iOS theme for jQuery mobile, and today I stumbled across a Metro theme. Looks good. Feels like there’s a lot of buzz going on around jQuery mobile at the moment, and that it’s maturing nicely. One other little thing the metro post contains is a simple (but useful) snippet of JavaScript that you can use to detect WP7 devices and switch to this sheet accordingly, giving you a nice and easy way to support iOS and WP7 on your jQuery mobile site. What else could you want to support? ...

iOS theme for jQuery Mobile

Working with jQuery mobile? Targeting your site at iOS users? Well, you’ll probably want to check out this iOS theme for jQuery mobile. I gave it a quick test on both an iPhone4 (non S) and an iPad 2, and it feels a lot smoother than the last tests I did with jQuery mobile. I’m assuming that’s to do with the 1.01 release, but either way it’s nice to feel the framework maturing. Link: Blog post Link: Demo Tags: jQuery Mobile, iOS

jQuery Mobile 1.0 Final

In my defence I noticed the release of RC3 a little late! Now 1.0 Final is out – time to skip past RC3 and get upgrading. That’s right, version 1.0 is out! After more than a year of refinements, we now have a rock solid release.   When we first launched this site back in the summer of 2010, we had a few concept sketches and some very ambitions goals: to create an elegant HTML5-based user interface library for the jQuery community designed to work on all popular mobile platforms....

jQuery Mobile RC3

jQuery Mobile RC3 is out. Go grab it if you’re a jQuery mobile type person. It’s getting very close to release 1.0, and it looks like there’s a big drive for improved performance going on: Sure, we know we said we were going straight to 1.0 when RC2 came out, but we’ve been making a ton of performance enhancements and we just want to make sure 1.0 goes off without a hitch. Unless a regression crops up, this is the exact code that will be released as 1.0 final later this week so consider this an...

jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC1

I mentioned jQuery mobile beta 3 was released a few weeks ago, so it’d be a bit slack of me if I didn’t mention that 1.0 RC1 was released a few days back. I’ve not gone through the changes and fixes in too much detail, but the one thing that jumped out at me was that a download builder is something that will be very handy. Tags: jQuery Mobile, JavaScript

Mobile Development titbits–jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator, and iOS boilerplate

This week has been less than satisfying from a developer’s point of view, and I’ve found myself stuck hanging out with my good buddies Outlook, Word and Excel a lot more than I’d have liked However despite that I’ve still managed to pick up a few useful bits of mobile development information. Allow me to share, if you will.   jQuery mobile – resizing to landscape mode doesn’t work properly. Basically when rotating the device, the windows new size wasn’t quite correct. While it felt like a minor annoyance at first, it quickly became pretty clear it...