Migration to Microsoft: Look before you leap

Ed Brill writes about Migration to Microsoft: Look before you leap. The entry is basically talking about thinking carefully before making a commitment to starting on a Domino -> Microsoft migration. If you're in the situation where you're considering this, then you should definately read his post and read all the links.You'd expect a bit of bias from Ed, however my personal situation backs Ed's stance up very well. After 9 years of working with Notes/Domino, I'm shifting my career to ASP.NET. I'm surrounded by custom Domino databases - ones I've written myself for my own "life management", and ones written by a mixture of myself and other people in my current work environment. In some ways I'd love to fully "move on" and start having my personal and work systems off Domino, and have them re-written in my "current" platform of choice. The reasons are obvious, I've always used my personal apps as a driver for learning and experiementing with new technologies (in the past, this would have meant new Domino development techniques).But, there really is no point. I sat down and thought about the systems I'd want to migrate, to get both my work and personal setups across to Microsoft solutions. The amount of work required would be massive, and for very little gain. That's not even touching on the applications which would lose functionality during the migration, and the fact that my current webserver (which runs along very happily with Domino R7) would not be quite as happy when loaded with ASP / SQL / IIS / Sharepoint, and who knows what else.The funny thing is that the Microsoft Application Analyzer tool is probably going to support all of this. Run it across your environment, and think about what it's telling you, show this to your management and hope that commonsense can outweigh politics.

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:04 AM |

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