February 2006 Entries

On Everquest 2

I'm playing a bit of Everquest 2 at the moment - it's NZ$20 for the DVD and 30 free days, or, it's a free download (in New Zealand it's actually easier to walk out and buy it than to mess about with the 3gb download and 'risk' exceeding my monthly data cap), so it's hard to justify why not to try it.Anyhow, today I find this snippet from Aggro Me about the newbie zone:Uhm, wow that was supposed to be a group thing? I guess I'm just to l33t that I didn't notice ;)(Well ok, I am playing a pet...

World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things

Soapbox: World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things is a very interesting article, a lot of which I agree with very strongly.In particular, his comments on time VS skills, and grouping vs soloing are very relevant. Anyhow, it's an interesting read.(Also he likes Streetfighter 2, so I'm instantly going to listen to anything he has to say).

GTD Tiddlywiki PLUS!

I've talked about Tiddlywiki before, as I tried to use it extensively for my GTD approach for a wee while. It never really took off for me, the simplicity of text files is hard to replace.However this morning I came across GTD Tiddlywiki plus, which is an adaption of Tiddlywiki aimed directly at being used for GTD functionality. It looks good, and might be enough to convince me to give it another shot.

News.com: IBM patches Lotus flaw

From the News.com article:Those are some more reasons to upgrade to 7.0.1. The Notes client has a pretty good track record of not normally needing this sort of patching attention, it's a shame that this exception had to be made.Link: News.com: IBM Patches Lotus flawLink: Ed Brill: IBM Patches Lotus flaw

Das Keyboard

When I ordered the Das Keyboard, I thought it was very cool - however I was slightly worried about how easily I'd be able to use it. I touch type, but I'm not too hot on numbers, and sneak the occasional glance down to check my positioning. This is complicated by the fact that I taught myself to touch type, and although I can hit 110wpm+ most days, my technique isn't quite "proper".Well, after the first day I have to say the keyboard is a joy to type on. The key weightings make a hell of a difference, and it...

K750i Calendar Synronisation, take 2

Previously, I've mentioned the lack of Notes syncing in the K750i. Well, my calendar is now "synced", although it's a very manual process. It's also very simple, and took about 2 mins. 1. From my Notes mailbox, select the view for "All Calendar Entries" and select the date range I want to export 3. Open a blank Notepad window (or any other plain text editor), and paste (CTRL-V!)5. Open MyPhoneExplorer, go to the calendar, and "Import" this file. Sync with the phone. Done.I'd like to be able to write some LotusScript code to select the entries and output them to...