April 2006 Entries

QA is a misnomer

Ned Batchelder writes about QA, and how it isn't really 'quality assurance' at all.

Lifehacker: Keyboard shortcuts roundup

I find some of the Lifehacker content a bit hit and miss, however occasionally they post something which makes it worth keeping on my RSS list.The Keyboard shortcuts roundup post is one of those. Granted it's all stuff you could probably find elsewhere with some googling, but here, someones done it for you. The Windows ones are pretty weak, if you don't know most of these then you probably have a piece of fruit showing somewhere on your computer, but the Firefox list is pretty nice (especially nice as I was googling to try and find the way to give...

IBM and Microsoft in the FUD Wars

There's a current posting on EdBrill.com about some statements made by Microsoft about Notes, and it's future (which as they implied, was the scrapheap). Interestingly, it all starts off from an an article in Computerworld New Zealand.After reading both sides of the story, it comes across as a bit of a "he said she said" argument. What I find interesting is that Microsoft picked up on a time when IBM's message on Notes wasn't very clear, and did everything they could to use that to their advantage. IBM can say what it likes, and defend it's current message until it's...