IBM and Microsoft in the FUD Wars

There's a current posting on about some statements made by Microsoft about Notes, and it's future (which as they implied, was the scrapheap). Interestingly, it all starts off from an an article in Computerworld New Zealand.After reading both sides of the story, it comes across as a bit of a "he said she said" argument. What I find interesting is that Microsoft picked up on a time when IBM's message on Notes wasn't very clear, and did everything they could to use that to their advantage. IBM can say what it likes, and defend it's current message until it's blue in the face, however the fact remains that they really did lose a lot of people's interest when their message became unclear.Going on from that, I think in some ways the future is still a little uncertain, unless you have a bit of time to keep up with the play and happen to read the right articles. Notes? Domino Next? Notes and Domino R8? WCS? Workplace? Websphere? Hannover? These are all phrases which have relevance, and sometimes it can be a strain to keep up. I'm not saying Microsoft isn't having some fun and spreading things which aren't neccesarily true, but what I am saying is that I really can't blame them for having a go.Finally, there's a lot around in the Notes/Domino 'blogsphere' (I hate that term. With a passion) at the moment regarding "traditional" Notes/Domino Developers and the need for them to learn Java. That sends a mixed message too. "Don't worry, @Functions and LotusScript aren't going away in a hurry... but you should really learn Java!".

Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2006 2:16 PM |

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