May 2006 Entries

Slashdot: Lotus vs. SharePoint

Lotus vs. SharePoint on Slashdot is pretty much the standard Slashdot spam/abuse fest these days, however if you're interested, you might find an interesting quote or two in there.Link: Slashdot: Lotus vs. SharePoint

What's wrong with Lotus?

Volker asks the question "What's wrong with Lotus?". It's a good question.My 2c, is that Lotus is a lot more catchier than WPLC, and will look better on T-Shirts and Caps too.

From the

This sort of code is always a worry. For the slow among you, it's php code designed to log an error when a connection can't be established to the database. Where are the errors logged? To the database stupid, where else?

Resharper 2.0 beta available

The 2.0 beta for Resharper is available for download here.I've always had a bit of an issue in becoming too dependant on tools such as Resharper, however after using the 1.1 version for a few weeks I'm starting to get hooked. You need to take some time out to remember to stop and use the shortcuts, but once you've got them in your head, they'll save you a lot of time in the long run.However, despite some of it's handy hotkeyed features, I'm really appreciating small things such as auto insertion of missing using statements, auto highlighting of unused variables,...

Notes/Domino 7.02

Ed Brill writes a bit about some features to be included in the Notes/Domino here.I'm very interested in seeing how the Dominoblog and RSS template implementation ends up looking, The comment is made that the RSS implementation is not a code change, but merely an IBM magic wand branding of one of the many current Notes implementations of an RSS aggregator. Shame, having some native RSS controls available could be handy now and then (Hah, I used the word 'controls' without even thinking, I'm more and more an ASP.NET developer every day).Anyhow, there's a few more features inbound, but none...

iCal export from Notes R6/R7

A while back I wrote about exporting my calendar from Notes in order to use it with the Sony Ericcson K750i. At the time, the only semi useful thing I could find were the old routines in the Sandbox for R5, and I couldn't be arsed spending the time to modify them.Well, it seems my procrastinating has paid off. Someone's updated them for R6/R7, and posted the code here. Which shows that procrastination can sometimes be a good thing.