June 2006 Entries


I've mentioned TiddlyWiki a few times before, but it looks like there have been quite a few updates since I last played with it. I just grabbed the latest updates and applied it to my todo TiddlyWiki which I haven't used since October last year. The upgrade worked without a hitch, and the layout is looking a lot slicker.There's also been a few more adaptions and modifications performed by other people, and most interestingly a few server side adaptions such as phpwiki and perlwiki. Is it time for a Domino and/or .NET implementation? Who can say.

How to reduce base OSX install from 18gb to 10gb

How to reduce base OSX install from 18Gs to... excuse me, what? 18 gigs for the base install? Are you serious? Microsoft all is forgiven, I'll never throw another bloatware insult your way again for the rest of this month.

OpenLog for Notes/Domino

One of the recent editions of the Taking Notes podcast talks a lot about OpenLog which is written by Julian Robichaux. It sounds like a handy set of open libraries to help with code logging.One of the neat things he's done, is made the main call able to run without any paramaters. You can just call the single main function as part in your error handling block, and the error will be logged to a database, and all the relevant info will be extracted for you. There's code for both LotusScript and Java code in there. Check it out if...

Using a text file to manage your todo list

I do this. It works, and it works well.However, this is an example of taking it to the next level.