July 2006 Entries

ZDNet Australia: PKF dumps Lotus for Exchange

Little/no commentary from me here, but seeing as the post seems to have generated a lot of comments so far it's probably worth a read. Check out this article over at Edbrill.com and see what you think.I'm interested in comments/thoughts, although one thing I will say, is that Wild Bill is bang on the money with comment 22:Come on. You know it makes sense.

Checking for nulls in JavaScript

It was useful for me, so it might be useful for you!What's the most reliable way to check a javascript null?

My new work setup

It started off as a joke, but then it turned out to be incredibly usable. The top monitor is attached to my laptop, which is out of the shot. The other 2 monitors are attached to my main development desktop. The laptop and the desktop are then linked together via Synergy so I can use a single keyboard and mouse to drive it all

Marketing innovation from IBM

When IBM cuts it's marketing budget: