September 2006 Entries

Coding Horror: Is your IDE hot or not?

Is Your IDE Hot or Not has some Visual Studio themes available for download, including one which uses reversed colours. The theory being of course that light text on a darker background can be a lot more soothing on the eyes (for some) than dark text on a white one. Interesting to note that their font of choice is Consolas (which is one of the new Vista fonts), which has been my coding font of choice for quite sometime now.

XML Notepad

XML Notepad is Notepad, for XML. There's not really a lot more to say about it!Note that if you downloaded the earlier release which crashed all the time, that this is an updated version which fixes that.

How to: Remove Items from the Visual Studio Recent Projects List

This made me chuckle a little. On my work b0x, I have a project (not solution) which is listed in my Recent Projects. I don't want it there, and it will never cycle off the list as I'm using the same 3 solutions over and over here. Microsoft solution - delete the project, and try and open it. It works, but it's still kind of amusing.

Visual Studio 2005 default debugging

By default, when you attach to the ASP worker process in Visual Studio 2005, it'll try and attach to debug all types of code (Managed, Native, Script, and T-SQL). By default, this will cause most people issues unless you've set your environment up to handle it. So, simply click 'Select' before you attach, and change the option from "Automatically determine the type of code to debug", and select Managed code only.

Analyzing Myspace Passwords

Analyzing 20,000 MySpace Passwords talks some telling facts about MySpace users. My favourite comment:Poop indeed. There are plenty of other interesting statistics there, check the full article if you're interested.

Macs are reliable and never crash

Transaction Isolation Levels

Another in the series of 'links I post here so I can find them later: SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL (Transact-SQL)

Little settings you can't do without.. you write about them somewhere, in case you forget them again!I've just setup a new b0x for work, so there might be a couple of posts like this ;) The current one is for Visual Studio 2005: Tools \ Options \ Projects and Solutions \ General \ Show output Window when Build Starts. Essentially, when you build, it takes you to the output window so you can see what's happening. I really didn't like it's default behaviour, which sort of feels like nothing is happening (apart from the small text in the statusbar). The setting above lets you see what's...

SonyEricsson P990i

The next model in the P9xx series of phones is finally out. Unfortunately, the review is not so flattering.