October 2006 Entries

Domino View Count Limitations

Recently I replaced some code which was using a couple of @DbLookup calls with an embedded view in a customer's web application. The application was using the @DbLookup to pull a list of products (which was a unique group of "favourite products", and was different for each user) into a web page, and sure enough it didn't take too long before the list exceeded 64kb. The @DbLookup was simply populating a keywords field, so I replaced this with an embedded view rendered as html which generated an options list. Everything worked fine, and it looked like I'd fixed the problem. A...

NZ Super 14 Squads for 2007 named

The squad lists for the 2007 NZ sides have been posted, and include 42 players making their debuts. There are a couple of interesting/noteworthy swaps and moves which have taken place. I'm an Auckland supporter, so clearly I'm going to focus there. Thankfully the Blues get to retain Sam Tuitupo and Isaia Toeava this year. The Auckland squad contains hardly any imports, with most of the players hailing from either Auckland, Harbour, or Northland. The one exception being Sam Biddles from Waikato. A few Aucklanders have gone elsewhere - notably, Tasesa Lavea heads down to play for the Chiefs, after having...

Firefox 2.0 Released

Anyone with a vague interest in Web Browsers will have noticed that Firefox 2.0 has been released (Download it here, if you haven't already). Lifehacker has a good thread which lists some popular Firefox configuration tweaks. Some are minor graphical changes: browser.urlbar.hideGoButton=true turns off the rarely-used Go button at the end of the address bar, for more room to see long URLs As well as some which are a lot more useful and serious: Fx .6 and up: Firefox has this wacky little feature that downloads pages from links it thinks you may click on pages you view, like the top result on...

Correct Formats for use with ConvertTo.DateTime

The following is a list of Date/Time formats which are usable in conjunction with ConvertTo.DateTime. I found it useful recently, when trying to confirm that the format I was using was "allowed". The list: Format 1: 1/13/2006 Format 2: 1/13/06 Format 3: 01/13/06 Format 4: 01/13/2006 Format 5: 06/01/13 Format 6: 2006-01-13 Format 7: 13-Jan-06 Format 8: Friday, January 13, 2006 Format 9: January 13, 2006 Format 10: Friday, 13 January,...

IE7 Automatic Deployment

Internet Explorer 7 takes a slightly different approach to previous versions when it comes to installation. Basically, it's going to be automatically deployed to Windows users via WindowsUpdate. This obviously has potential to cause a few problems for some environments, so if you want to block it you can do so in a few different ways. First, via a registry entry. Create a key called "DoNotAllowIE70" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Setup\7.0, where a value of 1 blocks the install, and 0 allows the install. Or for those who'd prefer not to have to edit the registry (wusses), or for those of you who need...

Mini-Article: Load Testing in Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Recently, I needed to do a quick bit of load testing on some code that was about to be deployed to a heavily loaded production environment. I used Visual Studio team system to do this, and this mini-article has a few notes about my experiences. Obviously you'll need a copy of Visual Studio that has the testing components in it, such as Visual Studio Team System, or Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers (this might not be the full / correct name of the Testers version). I had a separate machine to install this on, which was something...

Firefox 2.0 RC3 Released

Firefox 2 Release Candidate 3 (RC 3) is a preview release of our next generation Firefox browser and is being made available for download to Web application developers, our testing community and users who want to get a sneak peek at the next version of Firefox. Please note that at this time, users should not expect all of their extensions, plugins and themes from previous versions of Firefox to work properly. Download it here

Ultramon 2.7.1 Released

Download it here. A couple of small fixes, the most notable one was a bug when using a b0x running Ultramon over remote desktop. Release Notes for Ultramon 2.7.1

Firefox 2.0 RC2 Review

Ars Technica has a comprehensive review of Firefox 2.0 RC2. It includes screenshot comparisons that illuminate the user interface changes that have transpired since the second beta, and it examines the similarities between the browser tab implementation from Internet Explorer 7 and the new tab management features in RC2. From the article: 'If RC2 is any indication, Firefox 2.0 is an incremental improvement of the 1.5.x series with performance improvements and a handful of relatively useful features. Based on my own experience, I consider it stable enough for regular use, but I endorse caution for users that rely on a...

New Article Posted

I've just posted a new article, which describes how to Troubleshoot WebResource.axd. I recently had a few problems with this, and during my searching I found that there a few different things which can go wrong, but no one had collated them into a single place as yet.

Get more out of Pandora

Every time I've played with Pandora, I realise that I like it. I like the concept, and I think it does a great job of introducing me to new bands and artists. However, I don't remember to use Pandora very much, and I often wonder why that is. This article might help: Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora. There's a lot of things in there I didn't realise you could do with Pandora. Definately worth a read if you've used Pandora, or even if you've just heard about it and want to check it out.

Troubleshooting WebResource.axd

The .NET 2.0 framework changed the way clientside JavaScript is delivered to the browser. Previously, ASP.NET 1.1 used the aspnet_client directory whereas now 2.0 uses WebResource.axd. When things go wrong, you'll see JavaScript errors about missing functions, including the now infamous 'WebForm_PostBackOptions is undefined'. After having this problem in one of my applications, doing a lot of googling on it, and eventually fixing it, I feel it's my turn to add to the fray of people writing about this in the hope that it helps someone. There are a few things which can go...

Ultramon 2.7.0 Released

Download it here. Release Notes for Ultramon 2.7.0

The Web 2.0 Drinking Game

Link: The Web 2.0 Drinking Game