Ultramon 3.0.0 now in beta 1

I've used Ultramon for a few years now and recently someone asked me what made it so special. At the time I really wasn't able to articulate my reasons for loving this software very well at all. The simple fact is that the Smart Taskbar kicks ass for a developer, especially for those among us who end up with a large number of open applications. Whatever you're doing, you're bound to be able to do it better with greater control over your monitors, which is exactly what Ultramon delivers. For me the smart taskbar was enough to convince me to buy the software, however as icing on the cake the ability to have seperate wallpapers for each monitor definately makes for a more graphically pleasant multiple monitor computing experience (what a catchphrase).

The 3.x release of Ultramon looks to be all about supporting Windows Vista. I don't run Vista as yet, however a friend of mine installed the 2.7.1 release of Ultramon on his Vista box and it didn't go well.. in fact, it didn't go at all. So if you're a Vista user looking for some improved multiple monitor functionality, and you don't mind testing beta software, then check out Ultramon.

Link: Download Ultramon 3.0.0 beta
Link: Ultramon 3.0.0 release notes

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2007 8:00 PM |

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