April Linkorama

Here's a quick roundup of some links that I found interesting or worth reading over the course of April, but didn't merit an individual posting.

  • Version 3.0 of the Microsoft Enterprise Library has been released, and it's is a significant update (the first for over a year) to the library with 2 entirely new application blocks - the Validation Application Block and the Policy Injection Application Block. Fully compiled, strong named binaries are included if you don't want to change the provided functionality but source code is also there if you do.

  • SQL Server 2005 isn't new, but this MSDN article has a quick summary of what exactly IS new in 2005.

  • Modalbox is a JavaScript based project similar to Lightbox, which allows you to present html forms as modal windows. It uses the Prototype and Scriptaculous on libraries, and works pretty well with ASP.NET (although not if the form you're raising requires a postback).

  • MOOdalbox is similar to Modalbox (the name helped you work that out already right?), but is based around the Mootools library.

  • Cross-Fade anything is a simple piece of JavaScript which will reveal multiple elements (such as images) one at a time using a cross-fade effect. It's lightweight, and includes a few different display options.

  • Really easy field validation is a set of JavaScript form validation routines. You wouldn't want to rely on JavaScript alone, but for basic field validation they can save a lot of time and user frustration.

  • This is a quick way to determine your version of SQL server inside of a query. Useful if you're dealing with lots of servers and don't happen to have RDP / Console access.
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