IIS7 beta3 now available

The IIS 7.0 Beta3 shipped a few days ago with a Go-Live License for those of you who simply can't wait to get your production apps installed on the latest and greatest version of Microsoft's web server. Alternatively, there are plenty of webhosting providers who have installed the beta and are now offering it to customers so you can perform some testing without needing to perform any upgrades. This is especially handy if you're still using Windows XP or 2003 server, and don't have any spare hardware available to install Longhorn or Vista (which IIS7 requires).

On a related note, while reading Bill's IIS blog I wondered why one of his most popular tags was PHP. The answer to that is due to the addition of FastCGI support to both IIS6 and II7 in order to improve the stability and performance of PHP on Windows boxes. Very cool stuff indeed.

Finally, the image on the new IIS homepage really makes me want to eat fries with ketchup. That's not good. There's something about that golden sun radiating from behind them which makes them look so tasty. Mmmm.

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Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 12:11 AM | ASP.NET Web Development

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