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I was looking through the new timetable for the Western line and thought I'd noticed a screw up in the train times. The trip duration eastbound looked like it took longer than it used to.

That was until I checked the old timetable, and realised that apparently it takes less time to travel from Britomart to Waitakere as it does to travel from Waitakere to Britomart. I'd never noticed this before!

The eastbound trip end to end (non express) is listed at taking exactly an hour, whereas the return trip is listed as taking 57 minutes - where does that 3 minute saving come from? Interestingly, the difference is mitigated when you take the express train. The eastbound express clocks in at 52 minutes, while the westbound version clocks in at 51 minutes - a whopping 1 minute faster.

I realise that differences in the gradient of the track could affect travel times, however I didn't rate the terrain as being steep at all. Also, interestingly enough, as far as I can tell the steepest part of the journey is the wesbound track between Swanson and Waitakere, which is of course the faster direction! 

Ok, I'll stop now. It's not really that interesting is it.. 

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Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 8:12 PM | NZ NZ Trains Miscellaneous Me

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