July 2007 Entries

ReSharper 2.5.3

ReSharper 2.5.3 is now out, and represents the last 2.5.x release for those of you who aren't planning/able to go to 3.0. There are a fair few fixes, specifically in the area of ASP.NET support. Grab it if you're not planning to move to 3.0. (3.0 has been fine on my XP machine at home, but I still need to find time to re-test it on my work Vista box, where I was experiencing weird behaviour) Tags: ReSharper,

Subtle Lock in - liberating my data from Notes Databases Part 2!

The final part of my data migration involved migrating the site's comments, and placing them against the correct entries in the newly populated SQL Subtext database. I used the same techniques as previously to get the bulk of the SQL script created, with one minor addition. Can you spot it? utcDateTime := @Text(@Year(@Created)) + "-" + @Right("0" + @Text(@Month(@Created)); 2) + "-" + @Right("0" + @Text(@Day(@Created)); 2) + " " + @Right("0" + @Text(@Hour(@Created)); 2) + ":" + @Right("0" + @Text(@Minute(@Created)); 2) + ":00.000"; NewEntryID := "set @newentryid = (select top 1 ID from...

SQL Server 2005 support ends next Tuesday

As a headline, it sounds pretty serious, but it's only support for Service Pack 0 (RTM) that's finishing on the 10th. The only people who should be concerned are people who have some specific reason for not being able to move to either SP1 or SP2. For 2000 shops, support for SQL2000 SP3a also ends on the 10th. Tags: SQL

Subtle Lock in - liberating my data from Notes Databases

My fun with exporting data from Notes continues. I've finished constructing my "SQL insert script view" so that it now outputs a SQL script full of inserts which are compatiable with SubText's SQL database schema. The view basically contains a single computed column containing @Functions that build a single output string which looks suspiciously like a SQL insert statement. I went into my view, exported the data, and run the output file as a .SQL script. The script runs, however it needs a bit of manual massaging after the export due to a few extra escape characters that somehow managed...

Convert Notes Dates and Times to UTC format

This is a quick question to my Notes/Domino readers out there (yes, both of you!): I'm doing a bit of work migrating some data out of Notes and into SQL databases at the moment. For all my Date/Time fields, they obviously need to be converted into UTC Dates before they're going to be compatiable with SQL inserts. I was sure the @Function language would have supported this by now, but it seems not! I know Mike Golding (of the now defunct Notestips.com) had a rather large piece of code which would do the job posted on his site,...