Dell 3007fpw

I've been looking at the Dell 3007fpw. Well, technically speaking I was looking at 2, but that's another story. There are a few screenshots out and about which make the mouth water:

That's a 24" Dell on the right, with the 30" next to it. Damn. 2560*1600 isn't exactly the worlds most practical resolution if you don't have a high powered rig, especially for gaming - but the 3007fpw solves this by having a "2nd native mode" of 1280*800 allowing you to run demanding games in a slightly more sane mode. It's a nice touch, and it sounds like it works pretty well.

So everything is good so far!

Unfortunately there's a deal breaker. One of the nice things about the other Dell monitors is that they have a wide range of input options. The 24" and 27" come with DVI, DSUB, Composite, Component, and S-Video - that's a lot of choice, and the picture in picture function makes it feel more useful (I've tried to find a use for that, but never have). I use DVI for my PC, and run the Xbox 360 through the component with a HD cable. The 30" offers you one choice, DVI - and there ends my short lived tech lust affair with the 3007fpw. Which is a shame, because 2560*1600 would be a joy to develop on, but oh well, it's not meant to be.

Posted on Friday, August 24, 2007 9:46 PM | Miscellaneous Me

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