Thursday Linkorama

I've had a load of tabs open in my browser for the last week, all of which are useful and interesting, but none of which justify a full post. Here they are:

Scott Guthrie talking about the asp:Listiew Control which is coming in ASP.NET 3.5 - I've been working with GridViews and Repeaters over the past couple of weeks, and doing so is making me really look forward to the ListView! As welcome as the control will be, you have to think that it's been a loooong time in coming (thanks for the link Doug, even if I did forget you mentioning it!).

Sticking with the GridView theme, I found a couple of nice GridView related articles on Matt Berseth's site. Improved GridView clientside sorting is exactly what it sounds like, as is Gridview resizable column headers.

Microsoft Operation's team lists of the top 10 changes in IIS7 here, aka, 10 thing IIS geeks are looking forward to in 7.0

Silverlight HTML Text block is another link which is exactly what it sounds like. Silverlight's primary text display object (aptly named "TextBlock") does not natively have a way to display HTML - HTML Text Block on the other hand, does (are you surprised?). 

AJAX: Client Side Actions Before and After PostBack is another useful article for people working with UpdatePanels (which despite all their evils are sometimes too tempting to resist). The article covers triggering events before and after an UpdatePanel's events using PageRequestManager. I'm still looking for a decent approach to triggering code conditionally after an UpdatePanel has refreshed, without needing to resort to hidden fields, but that's another story.

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2007 7:09 PM | ASP.NET AJAX Web Development

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