IE7 now available to non valid Windows users

In an interesting move, Internet Explorer 7 is now available to users not running a genuine copy of Windows. Previously IE7 required the Windows Genuine Advantage validation process be completed before download.

This could easily be a strategy tactic in the ongoing browser wars. Having a single (larger) number for one browser is going to look a lot healthier than having 2 smaller numbers.

It could also be something that Microsoft are doing for the general good of the Internet community, which is certainly the tone that the blog post tries to convey - however you can make your own personal call on that one.

My personal call as a developer is a simple one - no matter what you think of IE7, the sooner IE6 is removed from the list of browsers we all need to support, the better off we all are. So thanks Microsoft, whatever your motivations were!

Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 11:05 PM | Web Development Miscellaneous

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