Weird Xbox live connectivity issue

I'm having a weird connectivity issue with Xbox live, as the post title implies! I recently updated my router (Cisco 857) so that it adheres to the Xbox live list for open ports. The aim being for maximum connectivity as far as XBL is concerned. All fine, groovy etc.

However recently it's failing to automatically connect to XBL. After it fails to connect, it prompts me to test my connection. If I test the connection, everything checks out fine across the board. The weird part is that after I've tested the connection, I can sign in to XBL without any issues at all.

This process is the same, every time - testing the connection is giving something a kick in the balls, however it's kinda irritating.

I had an initial suspicion that this was only occuring with Halo 3, however that's not the case. However I'm fairly sure there was a period after updating all the settings before buying Halo 3 where everything worked fine. I'm not blaming Cortana or anything, I'm musing. Wondering if it was something to do with a b0rked update download I used the undocumented cache clearing combination from the system blade to perform the maintenance, which didn't seem to help.

Are there any Xbox live gurus out there with any thoughts or suggestions?

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:23 PM | Miscellaneous

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