December 2007 Entries

ASP.NET and HTML Injection Protection

5 signs your ASP.NET application may be vulnerable to HTML injection is worth a quick read, and How Dangerous is HTML injection makes a good companion piece. There's something amusing sounding about the phrase "Injection Protection".

ExtJs Extender Controls

ExtJs Extender Controls is a .NET wrapper around the ExtJs JavaScript library. Some of them look pretty useful. Link: Codeplex: ExtJs Extender Controls Link: ExtJs Extender Controls Live Samples

AddOn Studio for WoW

This is a video demo of Addon Studio for Visual Studio - the demo shows how they've enabled the creation of World of Warcraft mods using Visual Studio. It looks incredibly easy to use, and could open up plenty of non WoW based modding opportunities. On a side note, this is probably the only time a single topic post is going to have this combination of tags! Link: Curse: AddOn Studio Demonstration Link: Codeplex: AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft Tags: Gaming , World of Warcraft , Visual Studio , MMORPG...

The problem with innerHTML

An article worth reading for anyone working with JavaScript who has used the innerHTML property on an element.

Visual SourceSafe 2005 Update

For those wanting to run Visual SourceSafe 2005 with Visual Studio 2008 (hang on, does anyone actually *want* to run Visual SourceSafe?), grab the recently released update (December 13th 2007) which is a rollup pack containing bugfixes as well as improved compatibility with VS2008. Tags: Microsoft , SourceSafe , Visual Studio

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP Preview Released

Get your early dose of MVC goodness for Visual Studio 2008 here (and here for the MVC Toolkit extras). There's interesting mention of a few other items included in the extensions preview. One thing I've not followed closely is ADO.NET Data Services. The ADO.NET Entity Framework is billed as "a modeling framework that enables developers to define a conceptual model of a database schema that closely aligns to a real world view of the information". I'm very interested to see how this competes with something like LLBLGenPro (or even if that's it's intention in life). Tags: ASP.NET...

Silk Companion Icons

Silk Companion is a set of icons designed to compliment the FamFam Silk set. Both are useful additions to the box of tricks of any web developer.

Another one for the "It doesn't just work on 64bit" club

Windows Media Player 11 joins the ranks of applications which have no support for 64bit Windows XP. I'm not really losing a lot of sleep over this one, however I did want to try out my Xbox 360 as a media center now that it supports a few more encoding formats - unfortunately it can't be done without Windows Media Player 11.


In a somewhat strange and sneaky move, the Western line train service has been quietly improved while I wasn't watching! There is now an extra train running in the evenings on Weekdays, making late(r) night drinking sessions semi viable. Amazing that they did it without much publicity - they really should be making more of an effort to mention when things improve (especially after today's points failure at Britomart, but lets not mention that). It also seems we're a step closer to having a "real" train system, I.e. one with swipe gates and actual tickets! We live in interesting...

A few quick links

Joel on Software's Strategy Letter VI - On Lotus Symphony, AJAX, and history repeating itself. The post is a couple of months old now, but I missed it when it was first posted. Worth a read. What's Ailing ASP.NET Web Forms - Rick Strahl on the historical strengths and weaknesses of ASP.NET webforms (prompted by the impending release of Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC framework). Using Visual Studio 2008 with VSS (Visual SourceSafe) - basically "grab the patch", or migrate to some decent source control (yeah I added the second one in). Facebook Beacon Privacy Issues Worse Than Previously...

Parallel Extensions CTP

The December CTP of Microsoft's Parallel extensions has recently been released. Some info from the download page: Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework is a managed programming model for data parallelism, task parallelism, and coordination on parallel hardware unified by a common work scheduler. Parallel Extensions makes it easier for developers to write programs that scale to take advantage of parallel hardware by providing improved performance as the numbers of cores and processors increase without having to deal with many of the complexities of today’s concurrent programming models. Basically a set of extensions...

My Live Writer plan is foiled

After I discovered that the 1.0 release of Live Writer did NOT support Windows XP 64 bit, I figured I'd just stick with the beta and the hacked installer which someone had thoughtfully provided. However today I was informed via dialog box that my plan has a fatal flaw: If anyone out there has seen a version of the 1.0 installer which has been hacked to work with Windows XP 64 bit (NOT VISTA 64 BIT - THE STANDARD INSTALLER WORKS FINE FOR VISTA!) then please drop me a line. Tags: Windows Live Writer

Silverlight 1.1 is now Silverlight 2.0

From Scott Guthrie's blog: Previously we've been referring to this .NET-enabled Silverlight release as "Silverlight V1.1".  After stepping back and looking at all the new features in it (the above list is only a subset - there are many more we aren't sharing yet), we've realized that calling it a point release doesn't really reflect the true nature of it.  Consequently we have decided to change the name and refer to it as "Silverlight V2.0" going forward. The fact that there are as yet unannounced features in the pipeline makes Silverlight development even more...

XP SP3 > Vista SP1

Windows XP SP3 boasts speed boost, testers claim - the headline is a little misleading, as they're talking about noticing a speed boost when running MS Office under XP, but it's still good to know that SP3 delivers some sort of improvement. I concur with their assessment that Vista SP1 doesn't noticeably speed anything up - not even the insanely long file copy times. It was pretty disappointing, given Vista feels like there's plenty of places where it could be optimized. It's pretty weird thinking that XP is 6 years old. Moving away from naming an OS or product after a year...