February 2008 Entries

Thank you for travelling with Veolia Transport!

Rail campaigner banned for collecting names in support of the Airport train extension. "If the rail operator is not for airport rail extensions, what hope has Auckland got?" What hope indeed. Thank you for travelling with Veolia Transport! Link: Campaign for Better Transport Link: Rail campaigner banned for collecting names (Warning: Herald article - may contain errors) Tags: NZ

More incompetence from Veolia

Friday's piece of fun on the train was so enjoyable that it needs to be written about. That's my little shot across the bow to give everyone who doesn't care about Veolia Transport / Ontrack related whining the chance to look away. It started off with me sipping a beer in a Mt Eden pub watching the Black Caps game after visiting my father in hospital. I checked my phone for any delay related SMS messages, and as it was clear I headed off to the station. Upon reaching the station the messages began to come in, one or two via text,...

Daring Fireball: The Appeal of the MacBook Air

My thoughts on the Apple Air were initially "Wow", however they moved very quickly to me being critical of it's shortcomings. This Daring Fireball post offers a guide to help people like me understand why the Air is going to be successful: The key to understanding the appeal of the Air is that you’ve got to stop thinking about technical specs as the primary factors. Here’s an analogy: the MacBook Air is like a sporty convertible coupe. You buy one not for practical reasons, but because it is satisfying to own something beautiful and clever and fun. ...

The Dramatic Password Reveal

I found "The Dramatic Password Reveal" to be an interesting read. It's interesting to read the post and gauge your own personal reaction, followed by whether you change your mind after stopping and thinking about it a little bit. As the owner of 2 Das Keyboards I can tell you that there are many times when revealing my password for a quick double check before entering would be useful. Occasionally for online accounts I'll find myself typing my password into Notepad and then pasting it into the form to prevent me from locking my own account out. ...

Windows Home Server World Cup

Some interesting statistics about Windows Home Server puts New Zealand second only to Norway: The Windows Home Server software has been purchased by System Builders in over 40 countries around the world.  And our hardware partners are starting to branch out their distribution plans for their hardware offerings, powered by Windows Home Server, to more and more countries. As to be expected, the larger countries are responsible for a majority of the unit sales. In order to compare the sales results of a smaller country with a larger country, you need to...

Time for a quick train update

It's crap. The past couple of weeks have felt like Auckland's train services have taken some giant strides backwards. Lets summarise (I'm sitting here right now stranded due to the lack of a train, so it's a good time to do so). It started with the recent release of some new timetables. "New timetables!" thinks I, "More services? Maybe rush hour will be less of a pain in the rear! Yay!". But no, there are no changes at all on the timetable other than the new late night (if you call 9.30pm departure) weekday train being officially listed now....

VS 2008 Web Development Hot-Fix Roll-Up Available

Scott Guthrie posted on Friday about the release of the long awaited hotfix. Although there are a lot of issues addressed with this release, the ones I was most interested in were those around HTML Source view performance - after a quick test this morning it seems fixed. (Thanks Sonic, that's a nice way to start my Monday!) Link: Scott Guthrie: VS 2008 Web Development Hot-Fix Roll-Up Available Tags: Visual Studio , Microsoft

From the "glad it's not just me" files

Initially I thought it was possibly my work machine playing up when the Visual Studio 2008 HTML designer was crawling. I went through and applied all the usual tweaks for 2005 in an attempt to speed things up, but no joy. So I'm quite relieved to find out that it's a known bug. A hotfix is due shortly, and Scott Guthrie has promised to blog about it when it's released. Until then, it's back to Notepad for me! Woo! Tags: Visual Studio , Microsoft

Short Guids

ShortGuid is a shorter (oh really?) and more url friendly GUID class written in C#.

Windows Home Server Disk Management Add-In

If you're using Windows Home Server on homebrew hardware, then this Add-In from Tentacle Software could be just what you're looking for. An exerpt from the page: This Windows Home Server Add-In is an extension of the standard WHS Server Storage interface. People who buy nice OEM WHS solutions get fancy LEDs that light up when a disk needs to be removed; us poor people with cobbled-together home-brew hardware don't. This add-in makes it easier to identify the physical disk you're working with in the WHS Console. Tags: Microsoft , Windows...