The best train ride, ever.

Ok, it's not that exciting really, but it was pretty funny.

One of the neat things about riding to almost the end of the line is that you never have to worry about missing your stop -  unless a lot of alcohol is involved. Unfortunately that's not the case for every other passenger.

The "express" train (both of them - the one in the morning, and the one in the evening!) skips all stops between Newmarket and New Lynn. What that means is that a few people also use it for transportation between Britomart and Newmarket, because a train is a train right?

Well, that's not quite the case for those passengers if the driver "forgets" to stop at Newmarket. Oops! What happens in that situation is a scene right out of a Steven Segal film. I don't remember which of his films it is where he's on the train - either that or I do, and I'm trying to save face by acting like I don't - you really need to decide which of those is the case for yourself. However the point is that watching 3 conductors traverse the length of the train somewhat urgently in order to inform the driver that he missed a stop is somewhat comical. Combine that with the look on the faces of the passengers who wanted to get off at the station which we just passed through, knowing full well that the next stop isn't for quite a while. Having the train then slow down when 3 people burst into the drivers carriage is also comical, and watching as the train speeds up again and carries on to Mt Eden Station (where those passengers are informed they need to get off and catch the next train back into Newmarket) is the icing on the cake.

Again, that's not quite true - watching confused passengers try and get on at Mt Eden, only to be told "THIS IS THE EXPRESS" by other concerned and well meaning passengers is the icing. Or maybe it's some special other sort of adornment.

All in all - good times.

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 9:53 PM | NZ Trains

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