"SQL 2005 Tools Install Experience is the suck"

Every time I go to install the non-express SQL 2005 Management Studio I end up fighting with the installer for quite some time. It's pretty tedious, and there are plenty of other people out there having this problem.

Previously I've managed to get the install process to work through various means, each time forgetting to document the steps I took. Turns out it doesn't matter, as there's a much easier method: "SQL 2005 Tools Install Experience is the suck" details an obvious and simple fix:

But I did find the answerThe trick is to browse to the Tools folder and run SqlRun_Tools.exe directly.

This WORKS!  Here's the full path, on my CD (MSDN):

{drive}\ENGLISH\SQL2005\DEVELOPER\SQL Server x64\Tools\Setup\SqlRun_Tools.exe

Be careful however - the file on my install DVD was named SqlRun_Tools.msi, not SqlRun_Tools.exe - your mileage may vary, however save yourself a frustrating 10 minutes and make sure you search for SqlRun_Tools.*

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Posted on Monday, April 21, 2008 4:30 PM | SQL

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