Visual Studio 2008 crashing on 64bit XP systems with ReSharper 3.1

While the above configuration probably isn't the most common out there, google provides lists of many other people who have been experiencing rather frustrating issues where Visual Studio 2008 seems to die a horrible death - either when using find and replace functionality, or (randomly) when editing css stylesheets. The latter seems to be a problem with ReSharper users only, however the former issue affects any 64bit XP system running VS2008.

It turns out that this crash is the result of a bug in the Wow64 layer of Windows x64 (XP/2003 – it has been fixed in Vista x64) and only manifests itself when another app globally hooks all Windows messages.

Yes indeedy, everything "just works" on a 64 bit OS! For those who don't want to request the hotfix from Microsoft (ID 947841), then apparently the latest nightly build of ReSharper (not the one on the product page!) has this issue fixed.

Link: ReSharper and Visual Studio crash on x64

Link: ReSharper 3.1 Bug - Modifying CSS crashes Visual Studio 2008

Link: Find/Replace Crashes Visual Studio 2008

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 12:15 AM | Visual Studio

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