May 2008 Entries

TiddlyWiki = jsvi

I've mentioned both of these previously. TiddlyWiki being the incredibly impressive single file based reusable non linear personal web notebook, and jsvi being a JavaScript implementation of VI (hate it or love it, there's no in between). Well, this is a combination of the two.

Fun with Windows Mobile

There should be a few more posts about Windows mobile popping up on the site from now on. I recently replaced my Nokia N73 with a HTC TyTn II. Why? Well, a few reasons. The main was that my partner wanted to buy me a birthday present last month, and I simply couldn't think of anything to ask for. She kept insisting she wanted to buy me an iPhone - this prompted me to run off and look at what was out there in the way of phones with full qwerty keyboards, and I ended up finding myself sold on...

JavaScript stuff

A post with a few tidbits of interesting JavaScript related stuff: Need an interactive date range picker? Check out this one (based on jQuery) from Filament group - view the example page, or the article. PersistJS is a client-side JavaScript persistent storage library. It's also a good reason to stop and appreciate Silverlight's caching functionality. "An easier and more accessibe YouTube player" is what it sounds like. An example of an accessible youtube video player based around their JavaScript API. Tags: JavaScript

ReSharper 4.0 now in beta

Check it out. Apparently the final release is not too far off, hopefully with some upgrade discounts for existing customers. Tags: ReSharper


SvnBridge allows you to use TortoiseSVN (or other SubVersion clients) with Team Foundation Server. Version 2 was released on Apr 23 2008, so it's been around for a while. I can think of quite a few scenarios and groups of people who could find this very handy. (It's also one of the few times you'll see the two tags below this line against a single post) Tags: Subversion , TFS

Retro Moaning

Testing your Twitter app doesn't work so well when Twitter is down. It also means you can moan about it on Twitter. Hrm.

Some light reading on the Entity Framework

First, Danny Simmons post titled "Why use the Entity Framework" clarifies Entity Framework vs. traditional ADO.Net, Entity Framework vs. LINQ to SQL,  Entity Framework vs. nHibernate etc. Frans Bouma (LLBLGenPro etc) has a followup piece, titled Why use the Entity Framework? Yeah, why exactly? Finally, included as a reference, Frans Bouma's essay titled The Database Model is the Domain Model is useful for anyone who's not read an awful lot about OR/M tools and needs a quick primer. I'm mostly posting these for reference purposes, and partly as Doug might be interested in reading them (/wave) when he returns to places with Internet...

Disconnecting Distraction

Disconnecting Distraction is a small piece of writing by Paul Graham which anyone who works with a computer can identify with. His solution of having a "work pc" which isn't connected to the Internet isn't going to work for everyone, but thinking about the concept is definitely a good tool to use as a wake up tool. And my main computer is now freed for work. If you try this trick, you'll probably be struck by how different it feels when your computer is disconnected from the Internet. It was alarming to me how foreign it...

Zip Xap

A useful tip for anyone playing about with hosted Silverlight 2 applications - if for some reason you don't want to use Microsoft's free Silverlight Hosting Service, and your hosting provider has yet to register the .XAP file type in IIS, then you can simply rename your .XAP files to .ZIP. Update all your references to the .XAP file (in any .ASPX or .HTML files you're using) and you should be all good. Handy! Tags: Silverlight

Twitter integration

"Creating A Twitter Integration" is a quick and interesting read on integrating CMS notifications with Twitter. It's a pretty simple and obvious example, but it shows there's a lot of potential around the concept. I've been messing about with a few applications based on Twitter lately, which may another reason why I found it to be an interesting read. The only downside of using Twitter in this manner is the blurring of the lines between "work" and "play". This 37signals link about 'In/Out' is a sort of similar idea - and yet at the same time almost...

Day-to-day with Subversion

Day to Day with Subversion is a good post with some how to info regarding branching and merging using svn. Good reading. Also interesting to read about people moving from TFS to SVN due to TFS being over complicated and bloated (although it's Source Control is for the most part pretty good, I quite like the fact that my svn box can run in about 128mb of RAM, compared to what I'd need for TFS... shudder). Tags: Subversion , TFS


jsvi is a JavaScript version of VI. Looks scarily useful. Tags: JavaScript , VI


If you spend a lot of time in Outlook then you should definately check out Xobni. Tags: Microsoft , Outlook