WMD (the markdown editor)

WMD is a rather unfortunately named WYSIWYG-style HTML editor written in JavaScript. It looks pretty slick, especially the split screen mode shown in the advanced demo.

I've recently spent a bit of time playing with the YUI editor, which was incredibly feature rich and I liked it a lot, but seemed a little bit heavy for my needs. Obviously it's not right to compare the YUI editor (which is full WYSIWYG) to WMD (which requires a little more tech savvy user base), but the lightweight size and clean styling of WMD is really appealing right now. I'll try and write a bit more when I've thrown it into an app and had a play with it.

What's really worrying me more is that out of all the editors I've seen recently, the one which impressed me most was jsvi - I need help. Seriously.

Posted on Friday, June 6, 2008 10:09 PM |

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