New train timetables

If I’m going to write about Auckland’s trains, then I need to be fair about it – because sometimes, good things happen, and they need to be mentioned.

Yesterday the new timetables for the Western Line kicked into effect. For anyone who lives beyond Henderson there are huge improvements to the regularity of the services – the previous wait of 40 minutes between trains has been reduced to 15 minutes during peak times. That’s a big difference, and it’s really going to make taking the train a much more viable option.

There were a few changes to other services, as well as some added flexibility for monthly concessions – if you want to read more (or to download the new timetables – Maxx’s website is a mess, and I couldn’t find an obvious download link) then click here.

I did initially have some concerns that the increased services would end up in increased delays for trains trying to enter Britomart, however this morning’s wait was only a couple of minutes – I’ve not spent too much time comparing the old and the new timetables, but I suspect there are a similar number of trains coming and going, it’s just the trains go further out now.






To be picky (me? picky? never!) a new express service from Britomart to Henderson would be pretty useful. Either that, or 2 of the current express service trains each way daily compared to the single one – which seems to always be pretty busy. Anyhow, that’s all in the nice to have category – it’s a good feeling to be able to write something positive about the Auckland trains for a change.

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Posted on Monday, July 14, 2008 4:38 PM | NZ Trains

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