August 2008 Entries

Chameleons are all around

2 chameleon posts this week – Mike Borozdin reports on PHP developers who use the .ASPX extension to make their apps look more enterprisey, and Jake at Codestore teaches you how to make your "Forms appear more Web 2.0" (all you have to do is increase the padding, who knew it was that simple?).

Mindscape Visual Studio File Explorer

In the spirit of supporting New Zealand made I’ve just installed the free Visual Studio File Explorer Add-In from Mindscape. It’s a neat idea, and in theory it should suit my developing style pretty well. The Visual Studio File Explorer Add-in (sexy name we know, but hey, it’s self documenting) is a free Tool Window add-in for VS 2008 that provides a Windows Explorer style file system view. It’s particularly useful for performing routine file system tasks without the need to “context switch” away from Visual Studio, which can be time-consuming over the course of...

Upgrading LLBLGenPro from 2.5 to 2.6

This is a pretty short post because it just worked. No pain, no problems.. well, none so far anyway. Install 2.6, open your project, generate, and you’re ready to get LINQing. I wasn’t really expecting it to be a problem, or to be complicated, however it’s still nice when things work as expected. Tags: LLBLGenPro

Echo Chamber++; SP1 for VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 released;

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 both had their SP1 releases a couple of days ago, but I’ve not had time to install it. So this post is basically a reminder to myself and a place to store some links. I’ve skimmed over a few people mentioning a couple of compatibility issues with the VS2008 release, so take a skim through the comments sections of these posts before installing to see if you're going to be affected or not. Link: Service Pack 1 for VS 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 released! Link: More about .NET Framework...

Rantings of an Entrepreneur

Nukeman Bill's Rantings of an Entrepreneur is an interesting read for anyone wanting to start up their own “software thing”. He’s got a very straight up writing style, and covers both positive and negative aspects of his experiences to date. The site is well worth a read regardless of whether you’re looking to be an entrepreneur or not.

SQL Server Express 2008 CTP

A while ago I was looking at versions of SQL Server Express (I forget why), and wondered when a 2008 version was going to be available. Well it seems there is a CTP version available now. Tags: SQL


FancyZoom is a lightweight way of providing image zoom functionality to your site. Similar to Lightbox and it’s kind, but with no library requirements and a more ‘mac like’ finish. Tags: JavaScript

Internet on the Go

If you like the idea of using your Windows Mobile device as a backup means for Internet access, but want to (or can't) use Bluetooth, then WMWifiRouter could be for you. I'll be testing it over the next week or so on my travels, although truth be told Bluetooth is working pretty well for me right now. If you're looking to do the same thing with your Nokia S60 device then check out JoikuSpot. If you're after something for your iPhone.. well, who knows. Tags: Windows Mobile

Windows Home Server Development Resources

If you're a Windows Home Server enthusiast who has been tempted to try your hand at writing an Add-In, but didn't know where to start, then check out this guide by Sam Wood from Tentacle Software. Link: WHS Development Resources Tags: Windows Home Server