Resizing Bootcamp using Winclone

After having my Mac for a few months I've revised the way I want to use it. I've realised that using Vista on Bootcamp with Fusion gives me the best of both worlds – I can boot into native Windows if I need a bit more speed, and use Windows on top of OSX the rest of the time. My w2k3 server VM was useful, but pretty redundant really, so it was time for it to go.

The only problem was that like many other people, I'd made my Bootcamp partition too small to start with. So over the weekend I resized my Macbook Pro's Bootcamp partition using Winclone.

And thankfully, that's all there is to the story. Winclone worked very well and did exactly what I needed of it. The point of this post is just so that my experience gets added to the "positive experiences with Winclone" column, as it's obviously something which is fairly risky and isn't 100% guaranteed to work.

As a side point, I'd highly recommend not trying to apply Windows updates to Vista via Fusion, especially after just restoring it. It seems there are a couple of things the update process does which Fusion isn't entirely happy with, leading to some worrying error messages. Luckily all was well when I applied them natively, but I was slightly worried there for a while.

Posted on Monday, December 15, 2008 11:41 AM |

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