January 2009 Entries

A couple of quick Linq to Sql links

Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL is a nice quick summary of why Bill Wagner is continuing to use LinqToSql over the Entity Framework in new projects. I'm currently doing the same, and for similar reasons. Also, from the comments of the above post I found Diane Wilson's site, which seems to have some nice Linq related postings.

Houston, I think we have a problem

Actually we have a few.

A couple of quick Notes/Domino links

A few links which are worth a read for those of you still keeping half an eye on the world of Notes/Domino (i.e. not you Doug!). Notes 8.5 – ignore the incredibly descriptive page title, this post contains a nice summary of some of the new features in Notes 8.5. How do you like the DDE? – DDE being Domino Designer on Eclipse. Read the comments for a good cross section of opinion on the updated designer client. What's new in Lotus Notes 8.5? – Official IBM technote, which is the usual overly verbose IBM document. They...

Web Site Projects and License files

This simple tip from the ComponentArt forums shows a quick way to make sure any license files for your Web Site project are included in your publish operation. Simply add to the buildProviders section of your web.config: <configuration>    <system.web>       <compilation>        <buildProviders>          <remove extension=".lic"/>          <add extension=".lic" type="System.Web.Compilation.ForceCopyBuildProvider"/>         </buildProviders>        </compilation> ...


One thing in common with developers and infrastructure professionals is that they often turn to monitoring and analysis tools in times of strife rather than incorporate them into their daily routine. If the monitoring and analysis tools are bought out only when there's a problem, then you're often confronted by the fact that no one really knows them well enough to interpret what they're telling you. That's why I'm spending some time getting to know NDepend now, before I really need it. NDepend is a tool designed to perform static analysis on a codebase and provide you...

From the department of irony

HP MediaSmart Server Wins Macworld Best of Show Award

Notes/Domino 8.5 now available

Grab it from a Partnerworld near you!